Thursday, April 28, 2011

how we are collectively put to waste

arun jaitley calls it the coalition of the corrupt. the voting of a majority of the members of the public accounts committee of parliament is termed as a coalition of the corrupt.

next, the new indian express tells it is one of the darkest days in India's parliamentary democracy. that a majority of members of the committee voiced their concern at the undemocratic action and behaviour of the chairman of the PAC  is called the darkest day.

the editorial tells,"neither history nor the people will forgive them for defeating the core tenets of parliamentary democracy and governmental transparency."

neither history, nor this world, nor time eternal, will understand how such a blatantly one-sided opinion was ever put in the public domain, while maintaining a pretence of being a neutral observer. The people who are behind murdering the valuable time of our people have now decided that their way of life is at peril. These forces have now decided to throw honour, honesty and decency into the dustbin.

The editorial tells,"The  UPA and its mentors seem bent upon devaluing and destroying every institution of our polity."

If that is not an untruth, then the very word truth needs to be obliterated and all of us can become  mantra-chanting seekers of short cuts to wealth and authority. 

We can see another editorial, from the Times Of India.

This editorial tells, "Hitherto the UPA  had insisted that the PAC was the appropriate body to probe the 2G scam. Now when the same committee raised questions regarding the government's handling of spectrum allocation, the latter cried foul."

This  editorial does not have the calibre or the gumption to describe the wrecking of the committee by the actions of Murali Manohar Joshi. If the UPA wanted the PAC to look into the issue, does it mean thaat the depraved actions of a pretender should be countenanced. That is what the editorial imputes.

When the majority of the members of the committee decide that the report is a fraudulent one, why does the media need to go into the details of the draft. Are they questioning the voting of the committee. Are they destroying democracy by publshing the draft that has been rejected along with the chairman who authored it.

If Murali manohar doshi had dignity, he would have conducted himself honourably and would have found it possible to carry on with the image of a wise man. But, he does not have dignity, and the finding has resulted in him being ejected. he does not belong there.

As for the Hindu, it does not have any editorial, but covers the draft report widely.

now, the number being bandied about by the hindu, is 190,000.

We will follow with wonder how such people who we thought deserved respect were actually such grossly pathetic fools.

The simplicity of the issue will arouse gasps of sorrow in the future. How did such a crass show get enacted for so long? the wastage of time is reminiscent of the centuries that were wasted by the scourge of brahminism that wrecked an entire sub-continent.

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