Wednesday, April 27, 2011


headlines today channel calls it BALWA'S  BOMBSHELL.

 It is really amazing that the entire media of a vast country such as ours can get collectively into dumb mode. the very basic question of the question of policy decision regarding allocation and the gross stupidity of using rates received for 3g auction to make out a case of loss in 2g allocation just cannot seem to be grasped by any of the media or media personalities.

Hence, w have a person like murali manohar joshi who does not want to question  A Raja, and who wants to go about pretending and fooling around. Everybody wants to go on with this dumb charade. When the truth is finally told, we will realise that we were all cheated by the cheapest set of humans existent. This set of humans does not know how to present the issues to the people. it does not know how to look at an issue with an analytical view. It will just shout and make a big show. we know now that all of these characters do not belong where they are now.

the only newspapers which presented the factual issues were the economic times. but the television wing of this channel was doing the diametrical opposite in making a show that just fools the viewer. The Hindu tried its best to keep away from the commotion of the fools, but had to join in as the mood had been totally permeated by the dance of the fools, egged on by the scum duo of prashanth bhushan and subramanian swamy.

the hindu headlines this today, knowing well that murali manohar joshi has revealed himself finally to be a misfit in democracy.

it is a sad state of affairs where a few morons, fools, and modern day beggars can destabilise the democratic experiment by peddling half truths and untruths.

the result is this comment on the Hindu.


Corruptions and progress are Antonyms.
Non corruption and progress are Synonyms.
Don’t we need synonyms for our country?

Corruption and donkey are synonyms.
Noncurruption and milking cow are synonyms.
Which synonym we choose out of these two?

Corrupt is a SWINE.
Noncurruption is SWAN.
Which do you choose?

Corrupt is murderer..
Non corrupt is savior.
Who, you would like to become?

Corrupt is irresponsible.
Noncurruption is highly responsible.
Who do you want to become.

Corrupt is thief.
Noncurruption is gentleman.
Who do you want to become.

Laxminarayana Paladi

here is another comment-----All said and done, the report gave fair status of the situation prevailing during the Raja regime. Failure of PMO is PM's failure. A cartoon as described below in our newspaper would be more apt: "A horse drawn carriage (jutka in Tamil) with horse's eyes closed depicted as PM and the judkawallas Pranob Mukherjee, Raja, Chidambaram etc sitting in the cart whipping the PM to run fast"
from:  C S Padmaanabhan

The people will be turned into unthinking and troubled masses if the undeserving lot of our media are not revealed for what they actually are.

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