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Tamil Nadu election campaign

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1------///////M.Karunanithi and his group of people are cultivating and forming a BENAMI culture in this good Tamil Nadu.
Congress Party had already joined the force with MK and his group.

M.Karnanithi and his group of people and his family hegemony is cultivating a BENAMI culture creating a set of people to be puppeted to get into the Tamil Nadu Assembly in the future.

The Cinema and other cultural industries are right royally in the hands of Maran Brothers.
In the Political front they are creating a BENAMI set of leaders and groups to puppet them into the future TN Assembly so that the ruling and regime will be in their hands for their whims and fancies.

Wake up my dear good Tamil people - awake before its too late and found in slavery under this M.Karunanithi's family hegemony.

Remember MGR told about him - an evil force - usually people say bad, or something else, but see what did MGR told about MK --- evil force.

Wake up good tamil people to regain your Tamil Glory and self respect and freedom.

If you loose this chance of pushing away this family hegemony from your house's door steps, lanes and bye lanes and streets and villages and towns and cities and metropolis - a time will come to regret and cry slavery under this evil force.

Now I ask where are those so called Dravidian leaders and those crowd pulling cinema and other field's personalities, what are they doing now.

My dear good Tamil people understand all of them. Each of the Tamil People should realize now that its our right for work, study, life and freedom.

M.Karunanithi is all what he is acqusing of others and
M.karunanithi is all what he is abusing of others
But its really a mystry that this good tamil people still regard him as a leader.
He is not a leader at all.
He is caught in his own making that he started when he was 14 years of old coming from Thirukuvali by a cheat traveling the Railways.
His respect and love for this late mother and other sentiments are just a show off.
He is not the person who respects woman and womanhood.
He is not the person who respects scholars and educated personalities
He is not the person who respects any other Political leader for their skills and merits
He is not the person who respects and feels the poverty of the poor people
He is not the person who respects Government Employees and Servants
He is not the person who respects the Law, court and Judiciary
He is not the person who respects and appreciates the ethics in the society
He is not the person who respects Gods and religious sentiments
He is not the person who respects the Memories of past leaders
He is not the person who respects the dignity of the other people

A fly over was built for more than 6 years - But M.Karunanith - within 5 months time completed the Tamil Nadu Secretariat Building??????

What no body is there in this Tamil Nadu to question this man.
When he and his family members are involved and himalayan scam and other unethicl mal practices - He is abusing the other leaders who are under the case in judiciary for case he had got put in the Court.

When he is intimating and threating the coaliation parties - he is abusing the other leader for these things

When he is cheating and looting the public funds - he is abusing the other leaders for these things.

My dear people do you remember for more than 6 months they kept Mr. Moorasoli Maran under medical treatment in the position of Industrial Minister at the Government's expenditure and doing all malpractices during that time.

The Judiicary should take action on the Ministers who are not doing thier officail duties as Minsters in their Minsitries.
All the Ministers irrespective of their region and places they are to be in their first and prime place of work which their Ministries - for this purpose only they are elected and posted there.

See Mr. Sarad Paware - its ok let him be in Cricket Game sphere, then why should he be our Agriculture Minister but not be found working in the Ministry.///////

2-------////////Let the Babus come approvers - to the Judiciary so that a really cleaning of this scam and malpractices can be checked for future
My dear friends
The elections are conducted to get people's representatives to post in the Government as Ministers to make the functioning of the Government Machinery through which the Governance is carried out.

Now what is the Government Machinery - which is nothings but the Government Employees(the Human resources) who are working in the various Government Offices, Departments, Public Undertakings(banks, hospitals, schools, oil, companies etc) and Public institutions like(courts, election commission, welfare projects etc.) from the lowest to the top ranked ones.

Therefore, in all practical purpose the Governance means the good, efficient and conscientious management of the Government Employees.

In this case, the first and prime place of work for the CM,PM, and Ministers and the all other elected representatives, is their concerned Government Offices only.

In a way the CM, PM, and Ministers are meant for the Government Servants only, because they are their Top Administrative and Executives in the government offices.

But its so unwanted that we see these CM,PM, and Ministers come make big mouth talks to us the Common People as they are gods to the common people.

My dear friends, I tell you, if only all these CMs,PM and Ministers do their work and services in their Government Offices by way of disciplining, and making them to do work with out corruption and unethical manner, most of the owes and maladies we suffer will come to an end.

Without any doubt I will say all the good and welfare that we enjoy in this state and country is because of the good works of the Government Servants
and also
without any doubt I will say that all the bad and evil that we suffer in this state and country if because of the bad and evil and unethical and corrupt works of the Government Servants from the lowest to the top ranked ones.

Its anybodies understanding that the elected representatives as Ministers and CMs and PM and ruling and Opposition benches and the Government servants are the beginning and the end of the good or evil that we have in this state and country.

Therefore my dear friends impart and spread this message among yourselves among the youth and young generation.

Government’s servants are our own kith and kin and family members only but as a powerful section of this society, they are verily responsible for the welfare and owes of the people around us. -- Don't you all agree with me??????

So I request you all to have this mind set and message passed on to others so that a great reformation and renewal comes to the Government Employees.

Look at all the scams and corruption and malpractices, mis appropriation of public money and wealth, wrong appointments of staff and money laundering and siphoning of national wealth - A to Z all these happens in the Government Offices only.

So the Government Servants found guilty and culpable should be vacated form the Service with due pecuniary benefits and the way should be cleared for others to take over. They should also be exposed and highlighted in the Press and Media along with the Elected Members who get involved in such these activities.

Government Employees are not above the law of the land.

So my dear friends read my message or comments carefully and think over it and educate your friends circle with this precious piece of knowledge so that we can bring in a reformation and renewal in our Governance.

A Raja was close to M.Karunanithi, pushing is wheel chair, we want the Judiciary to get to reach M.Karunanithi, he so arrogant and unethical that after being so much corrupt and evil minded person, he poses to be a great leader -
Please Judiciary unmask this proverbial cunning fox in the sheep skin - How long M.Karunanithi and his group of people go cheating like this in this good Tamil Nadu.
Wake up my good tamil people, enough of your slumber.//////////////////

3-----------////////////////Congress party is also equally a culprit for this situation, curruption and scams along with the M.Karunanithi and his group of people.

MGR broke the relationship from the evil force M.Karunanithi
Vaiko came out of DMK party
Vaiko is no comparision with MGR and Jayalaleetha.

What do you want to say Mr. Vaiko and his company - that all other can do politics but Madam Jayalaleetha should do charity to you and not politics.
What you think of Madam - you are belittle-ling the Letter madam sent you with full respect and affection. - control your Propaganda Secretary.

Stalin Sir - you are talking about Madam going to Koda Nadu -- yes she can go to her place and property to live and rest.
Stilin Sir, you talk about Ramesh death, Patcha's death, Emergency treatment you go from the Congress party, The people of tamil nadu know about your escapades.
Can you do anything away from M.Karunanithi's Yellow shawl.?
You are all so arrogant and unethical and anti people - but you are talking about Madam Jayalaleetha.
We the people of tamil nadu know, you are not playing the dravedian politics its caste politics that you are doing undercurrent.
Sir, in actual terms its now the other way around - the hegemoney of one family rule.
The M.Karunanith's is executive a very evil plan in this good tamil nadu - that a BENAMI set of people are cultivated for the future rounding up of the state assembly even.

With is huge and unimaginable scam money, M.Karunanithi's kith and kin, are creating a BENAMI culture and a social group which will be puppeted by this M.Karunanithi and his group of people(the family hegemony) to contest election and fill the TN assembly in the future elections.
The Congress Party has already roped into this evil plan.

My dear friends who read this comment - think over it - you will understand and realise the seriousness of what I am saying above.

By any methods and means we have to stop and push this family hegemony from this good tamil people's hoouse door steps, lane, bylanes, streets, villages, towns, cities, and metropolis.

Please spread this message - its the BENAMI culture and set of people that M.Karunanith's family members cultivating with a future plan of settling with the whole of Tamil Nadu as one family property.

Oh my good tamil people please wake up, open your minds and eyes and hearts to the truth and reality and act fast.

Maran brothers are lying low and silent - they are undercurrent now. The have engulfed the whole of film industry.

BENAMI CULTURE AND SET OF PEOPLE ARE is the purpose and action of all these by M.Karunanithi and his family members hegemony.

See M.karunanithi has many wives, so also others who are with him, thus the extended family is a conveinect via media for cultivating the whole lot of people under BENAMI culture which is the future plan of this evil force to eat of the Tamil Nadu through very scientifically and democratically executed plans of getting the whole majority of TN Assembly and rule this state for ever and keeping the good tamil people under their poverty culture.

kaunanidhi c.m. 87yrs came to madras without ticket (free service)
murasoli maran family survived with help of ever green lat M.G.R rs 1000 every month
mu ka stalin 59 yrs illaignar ani seyallalar behind his close freind ramesh family sucide
mu ka azhagiri hindi theriyathu english theriyathu central minister
kanimozhi no experience in politics but for 2g scam M.P.
1kilo rice 1 ruppee 1 kilo tomato rs 40 1 kilo onion 100rs
free color t.v.costs rs 1500 cable connection rs150 to karuna family every month
thalamai seyalagam katta 6 months over bridge katta 6yrs
studentsku education loan kodukka panam kidayathu thamizh semmai manadu selavu 450 crores
ethallam yaralu ketga mudiyum neeyo nano illa naam thaan
think for while cast your valuble vote to throw out karuna family corrupt rule and congress scam after scam//////////////////////////////////

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