Saturday, April 2, 2011

deep-rooted corruption

a way of life that was one with the earth, water, fire, wind, and ether has been corrupted with the pretension, the greed, the avarice, and the thoroughly pedestrian religion and the language of the vedas. Why was this disease allowed to take root, by man or by nature? It is the natural corollary of the descent into attachment to wealth, which was capitalised upon by a set that wanted to sift in without the normal and due natural toil. The situation is so rotten that this set of peddlers of mantras and rituals are now playing out the folly of going all out to stamp the truth out. This final folly of the unnatural and inhuman torment that wrecks and corrupts the human urge to be one with nature is playing out. Let us wait and watch this act while determining what we need to do. We have done a lot on our part in the last century through the leadership of innumerable wise ones. Now, there seems to be no dearth of wise ones who can step into leadership positions. The way forward and the aspiration and the spirit of the earth that mixed with our ancestors must ensure the assembly of elders to come into being.

As we heard the anthems in the Oriya and the Bengali languages play before the match today, we realise the situation in Eelam has gone to this extent due to the absence of the assembly of elders. Our people in Eelam were led into not realizing our own retrieval voyage, and were prone to blaming us for the tragedy in Eelam. Soon, we will have our counsel of elders, which will then begin to clear the deep-rooted corruption here and the trauma of Eelam.

At this juncture, a news channel Headlines Today and other similar channels talk about opinion polls and issues linked to sinhala, and even now, even today, continue to talk about the 176,000 crore 2g scam.

a undeserving crowd and a motivated crowd, it is probably one crowd with the two attributes, tries its best to cloud the horizons of the people.

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