Tuesday, April 5, 2011


the newspapers of the world are sometimes allied to certain ideologies and these are commonly identified with the political parties that espouse such ideologies.

in TamilNadu, we have a newspaper called dinamalar, which means daily flower, that has been portraying a kind of negativist, pessimist, generalist attitude at the time of elections. This is done under the guise of a commentary.

In TamilNadu, the DMK  government has demonstrated the art of handling a recession in the world, by taking up a massive social welfare initiative, that covers healthcare, housing, provision of basic necessary household gadgets, and various other cash benefits for pregnant women, senior citizens, aged unmarried women, people needing support for marriages, and various others.

This is a report of the struggle to hold marriages in another part of India, that does not have any such scheme.


The impact of these moves created economic buoyancy and confidence among the people, with ample liquidity that comes back into the economy when people spend.

the most basic staple food is given to people at one rupee per kilogram, and there is a central government programme that employs people in value-creation and value-addition infrastructure projects.

such a wide-ranging initiative can be conceived and executed by an administrator with vast experience, and TamilNadu has an unparalled statesman, administrator, writer, poet politician Kalaignar Karunanidhi.

While all the distinguished economists debate, this is action that stems from the grassroot. This is not theory. This is wise action, like nowhere else in the world.

The State government is also running retail liquor vending in the state, with shops open for twelve hours from 10 am to 10 pm.

How does this farcical newspaper react to this situation now, when election campaign is ongoing.

About ten days back, it showed a picture of some people sleeping on the street, with an accompanying caption, about them not receiving the housing, ration, healthcare benefits.

Today, it has presented a derelict person who seems to be an alcoholic, and has presented a picture which seeks to portray the government as the seller of alcohol.

While the newspaper is not expected to be a propaganda tool of the government when elections are due, this kind of presenting a negative picture, will be a great subject for any social scientist to study.  Why does this newspaper seek to give a helping hand to the opposition candidate, whose ranks have witnessed severe desertion, and who has proved to be a fascist in past terms. Allied with this opposition candidate jayalalithaa, who is a past actress, is a past actor, who has gone about campaigning, in a cinematic style, with punch dialogues, and with the dramatic actions of his screen alter-ego.

While this newspaper did not cover the dramatic acts of this ex-actor during the campaign, it has sought to shield this actor from criticism of his actions, in today's paper. It has labeled the criticism as personal targeting.

A broad-based democratic movement that seeks to take the people to a rationalist and an economically confident society is sought to be denigrated by a newspaper.

Allied with the DMK  is a broad coalition of every sphere of society, and the only party that is capable of governing the sub-continent that India is, the Indian National Congress.

This newspaper has been supporting the alliance of the undistinguised ex-actress and ex-actor in the last year. Anybody who takes up this project of analysing the acts of Dinamalar and Dinamani will arrive at this conclusion, after studying the diabolic behaviour.

In the annals of life on Earth, such an undemocratic and insensible and motivated campaign by a newspaper has to be taken to the rest of the world. A project on the behavior of dinamalar and another newspaper dinamani during the recent past will reveal how non-violent and enlightened social revolutions are destabilised by vested interests pretending to be supplying news. This kind of fanaticism has a parallel in the ku klux klan. To the absolute disbelief of the rest of the world, they will discover that this is a campaign of a newspaper that is headed by a minority sect, and which seeks to retrieve the elevation that this minority enjoyed for a long time. Such a behaviour will make people everywhere realise the depth of disgusting behavior that irrationalism and an organised religion can stoop to.

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