Tuesday, April 26, 2011


the legal system in our country seems to encourage locking people up while they are being investigated. I don't think this is the model being followed in the rest of the world where a person who is being investigated is put in custody. If there is a crime and if there is prosecutable evidence, that is when the law pronounces guilt. Our CBI seems to be in a situation where it is sure of the guilt, and has then been looking out for evidence to back its conjecture. In this search, the CBI  is happy to have the people under investigation to stay in jail. This is an amazing turn of events. We have heard of undertrials languishing in prison for many years, but what we have here is under-investigations, people who are being investigated, who are then locked up. Then, a chargesheet is filed, and the judge tells he is satisfied that there is enough incriminating evidence. If the judge is satisfied, then the under-investigations must be allowed to resume their lives while the trial goes on. but, that is also not the case in our country, where we have the undertrials. After the case is heard, and if guilt is not established, then the person is left out.

Will a worthy like Anna Hazare take up an issue such as this, where the common people are incarcerated. No, worthies like Anna Hazare do not take up the real issues. they are left for kannabirans, setalvads etc. Worthies like Anna Hazare take up issues where the publicity is good.

In the 2g investigation, we have a chargesheet filed yesterday where Kanimozhi's name has been added. If there is material that raises doubts, the investigation must proceed. But to want to have the concerned people under arrest, reveals that the CBI  is highly inefficient and unsure. In the case of Kalaignar TV, the charges are far-fetched to such an extent, that it is a revelation of the state of inefficiency of an agency like the CBI. This agency draws linkages and makes some connects, and then tells it files the cargesheet. While Kanimozhi will come clean, it is the agency that comes out looking sorry.

In this interim, who really makes easy money is the unscrupulous media, which enjoys feeding loaded questions, innuendoes, and some straws picked up from the wind. This media will one day realise that the fanning of mob and herd mentality will some day be used for targeting the media itself, the unscrupulous sections of it.

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