Thursday, April 7, 2011

the incredibles

this article asks whether the people will be lured by the freebies or will better sense prevail upon the electorate and will they vote for a change.

this is the media of our times where anything is written by any half-baked person. here, the writer tells the audience that people with better sense will not be lured by freebies. Does the writer have the calibre to analyse the cost-benefit of people receiving a mixie, of college students receiving a laptop. Does this portal have the calibre to analyse the portion of the budget that is spent for supplying these essential modern gadgets to the people? Do the media of our time have the calibre to understand the technology leap when laptops become universal. Do the media of our times have the calibre to uderstand  the major revolution when all the advancements of a modern society are made available to every family in the land? Does the media of our times have an inkling of the revolution that is ongoing in TamilNadu.

In this scenario, there is an independent candidate who tells,"The damage done in the last 60 years cannot be undone in short time."

This candidate going by the name of Sarathbabu reveals that he is one incredible joker. He wants to form a party in the future too. So, for him, everything else is damage. In the midst of this damage, this incredible joker has made a name for himself and sees himself above the damage-creators, who were manning the affairs of the land, while this personality earned his education and his money. If only, all of the damage-creators also had broken into the IIM, they would have become clones of this character, and our nation would have made an u-turn from the damage done in the last 60 years.

And we would not have been where we are today, a stable, confident and prosperous democracy. We would have instead been a land where the IIM educated are our rulers, and the uneducated people would not be allowed to damage.

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