Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tamilnadu elections

Once again, we approach an election. The few amongst us who have realised that urban anonymity, comfort, and good life come with a price, the price of disconnect with the world at large, go about making a big fuss in the media. These few think and feel that politicians are from other far-away nether world, that the politicians are nowhere near achieving the values and the loftiness of the city-folk with professional careers. These few are an utter distraction for us as we journey towards higher levels of achievement in our democracy. For these few, everything is not good, not proper, with no chance at all of being the best that we are achieving. For these few, everything is wrong, because they do not know the rest of the world. They do not understand the rest of the country around them and so they despise and get repulsed at the way that the world functions without any need to share in the brainpower of the career professionals. A character like mohandas pai whose industry does not pay taxes, and who has received huge parcels of land all over Karnataka and Tamilnadu, has chosen to pitch in now with his inputs of files getting misplaced on purpose. Such a character and others of its ilk cannot but look with revulsion the rest of the world living and achieving with no need to laud the achievements of the career professionals.

Many of such characters are newly formed in the last five or seven years, having joined the professional workforce, and having had the illluck to have no roots and connection with the world out there. Such characters who do not have any relation with the towns and the villages labour now under the burden that the politicians are not doing any thing good. These types do not know their politicians and cannot relate to them.

For the rest of us, the politician is one amongst us. We know who represents us and how their work is. we know who the candidate is, who the opposition candidate is, and we elect one amongst us. As we witness our people's movement, the DMK, spread economic prosperity all around us, spread education to every village, make the expenditures easy to bear, we know that we are on the way towards our grand purpose.We know that we are moving ahead towards rationalism, simplicity, and content. We know that we are leaving behind, superstition, false ambitions, and discontent behind. We know that the DMK  is the grand purpose.

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