Thursday, March 31, 2011

who is shahid balwa

he is a stake holder in a telecom company that bagged a license for providing mobile telephony services. the cag of our country has told that his company bagging the license was illegal because his company's certificate of registration did not include telecom. never mind that he paid the applicable license fee, which he raised through loans from banks.

now, there is a controversy on television that sharad pawar used shahid balwa's plane. if shahid balwa is convicted of some crime, then there can be a footing for asking pawar about his use of balwa's plane. pawar will then provide an explanation.
but, in today;s electronic media, the headline that we see is "pawar uses balwa's plane."

this is our media, which begs and borrows for something to live on for the day. why live like this?

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