Friday, April 29, 2011

the hindu begins the walk down

this seems to be set for a long haul. the hindu writes its editorial on the pac today. it says desperate methods were adopted by the ruling coalition members at the PAC  meeting.

As we are humans and not animals, we always have to consider a cause and the effect. even animals will not talk about an effect without considering the cause.

The editorial tells that the desperate methods were adopted by the ruling coalition members after committee chairman murli manohar joshi had 'adjourned' the meeting.

why did murli adjourn the meeting? what happened for him to adjourn and walk away in a huff. If the guy enacts inhuman-like behavior, what are the rest to do? do they justify that since murli does not possess the requisite potential to behave with dignity, they need to just shrug it off.

when a majority of the members in the committee did not allow this undeserving murli joshi to conduct himself in an unbecoming manner, they did murli joshi a favor and ejected him.

But,the person writing the editorial in the hindu thinks the effect is desperate behavior. this person will not comment on the cause. this person then tells that questions about the leak of the draft should not divert attention and that the draft is just as well in public. now, this person must tell whether the pac can be wound down as anyway the people have the report. what is the need for the pac anymore.

the unfit person writing the editorial finishes it by again alluding to india's biggest corruption scandal.

it is indeed india's biggest scandal that such an unfit person as the one writing editorials in the hindu has stumbled upon such a role in society.

e editorial then tells,"The UPA, which shamelessly stonewalled demands for a Joint Parliamentary Committee probe by pointing to the PAC's work on the same issue, cannot be allowed to undermine the PAC in the name of an ongoing JPC probe."

how do people write like this? how can the argument that since a pac is already looking at the issue, there is no need for a parallel enquiry, be interpreted as shameless stonewalling. it is obvious to any person with common sense that two committees are only making up a scenario of confusion. if murali manohar joshi thinks that the members of the pac do not need to go through the draft report, then that is the end of the matter. the chairman of the committee has wrecked the whole thing. if he had been honest and worked with everyone, there would have been some good at the end of the exercise.

the hindu has posted a few comments in the vein of ,"The whole country knows they are the culprit, all fraud on 2G is done by them."

since such a viewpoint is being put forth, the next line of thought will be why have a pac, cbi, supreme court, parliament, when the people receive their daily due from the hindu. why not just dissolve everything and hand things over to the hindu and other media.

how on earth do we have such imbalanced opinions. cannot these people wait for a honest and honourable working of democracy. why do they instead want the likes of murli joshi and jayalalithaa instead. the hindu has lost it. we await a more balanced paper now.

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