Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the prosecutors

we have eight of them here, they know everything. they were born with the information. they are the know-it-all.

indianxpres says,"This man must be inside for the rest of his life and govt attach all his assets. but we wonder how PM and HM allow this scan to happen? what were they doing ? kept silent after getting their share? We belive PM is having a clean hand. but if you look at CWG scam and 2G scam and the way the are handling the issue post scam, it looks they are all a part of scam...pls save india from there corrupt politicians."

Pinto Fernades says,"Shame on you manmohan singh , i you have little respect as  PM you should jump before a running train  along with Sonia and Rahul or join Shahid Usman Balwa  fate.

 Really India will develop without you .

This is biggest service you can do for India,

Then we shall bring all back money to India and this corrupt leaders will  be behind bars  till they prove they are innocent,

 under your leadership  none of them will be proved guilty,"

Point Black Range tells,"People have no other go than to make it a mass movement. Act now, otherwise it will be too late."

these prosecutors were responding to this article on MSN.

what does this article tell;

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Tuesday informed the Supreme Court that telecom companies — Swan Telecom and Loop Telecom — were used as front companies by established telecom players to get 2G spectrum illegally during the tenure of former Telecom Minister A. Raja

What is the illegality.....if some company has more than the allowed cross-holding.....and if some company did not have the article of business as telecom in its registration certificate....this is the illegality that made a sivaji/robot/baasha of the supreme court...what about a clarification by reliance communications that it did not have more than the prescribed holding in another company...that can rest for now...while the court and the media have some good-natured fun...that will be looked up when that comes up....right now let us sell, feels the media...let us revel, feels the supreme court...what does a preferred share mean...we ll check that out later.....

and we have this for humour and jest...for those who need some dummies to laugh at"Senior advocate K. K. Venugopal, appearing for the CBI, placed a transcript of telephonic conversation of corporate lobbyist Niira Radia with top corporate honchos and politicians and said, "These telephonic records will be used as evidence in criminal prosecution of the accused in the scam."

and finally all these characters have their Raja will face charges of "cheating, forgery, and corruption" 
 moment. how neat..well, let A Raja begin to talk to these characters. at the moment, he waits while all the pedestrian connivers connive.

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