Saturday, March 26, 2011

when will A Raja be allowed to present his case to the people

In an ongoing investigation, A Raja has been in prison for more than a month. The CBI tells something to the court, releases something to the electronic media, tells it will go abroad. All this while, the ex-telecom minister has allowed himself not to be heard.In the history of democracy in the world, there cannot have been a case of cooperation with investigation to the extent as has been done by A Raja.

The decisions of a minister are there in the open. If any decision is to be analyzed, it is absolutely essential in democracy.

what we are ending up doing here is allowing the media to give a slanted and jaundiced picture to the public, which begins with the assumption that the minister is totally wrong and that other constitutional bodies are totally right. this kind of representation by the media is done wholly because the media of our time is filled with people who have no intellectual and moral standard. the media is full of marketers like aroon purie, and jokers like arnab goswami. there are plain imposters like those in the new indian express group. there are some in between who have no clue about what to do in this scenario. they go about smiling cleverly giving the picture and insinuating that the political class is just not correct. all of these people want to think that without a corrupt political class, their existence would be baseless.

In this interview by A RAJA,

there are comments by readers which provide us with the state of our english speaking classes.

seetha asks,"Why did he not look after the interests of the country when he knew the repricing of the tariffs would secure more than Lakhs of crores rupees for the government. How come the companies who got the spectrum allotment sold part of their spectrum right in the next few months for hefty profits.......Why should the ordinary citizen remit taxes to the Indian government and have any ounce of patriotism when this Telecom minister, officials and PM will throw away lakhs and crores of rupees for their selfish ends."

what does seetha know about telecom auctions and about divestment of stake..she talks about lakhs of crores. Seetha will never learn anything, never understand anything, and will continue in her state of folly and misinformation, as long as we have a media like what we have today.

James tells next that the interview is aimed at boosting the public image of Mr. Raja. James does not want to listen to the other side of the picture. he is convinced thoroughly that there is no case to be made on the behalf of the minister who has been charged with procedural lapses.

if this is the state in which our citizens exist, then we will never become an enlightened and sober democracy. we will be turned into unthinking fools, who will be handed into the custody of gun-wielding revolutionaries who brook no nonsense like that served up by the aroon puries, arnab goswamis, the vaidyanathan iyers, the cho ramasamys and the prabhu chawlas.

this is another interview by A Raja.

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