Sunday, March 27, 2011

how many truths must it take for the illegal sinhalese entity to be forced to withdraw

all the horrors that were and are borne by the people of tamil eelam.

yet, these and various other kinds of normal human happenings are witnessed.

and then, we have this article by tamilnet which reveals the thinking that equates  the DMK and the AIADMK.

The original movement that was formed to save the tamil and the dravidian culture is equated with the opportunistic party formed by the actor who mouthed dialogues. that leader has been succeeded by another highly individualistic leader who has proved to be anything but a representative democrat. if tamilnet still is continuing in not understanding that the DMK is the movement with the people who can help them achieve their purpose, the people behind this portal are wrecking their simple cause. their cause is simple and documented. and their opponent, the sinhalese state, has proved that it is an illegal entity, by its acts when it was thrown the chance to gain victory.

at this stage, we are witnessing tamilnet wanting to repel all the tamil people by publishing articles that want to equate the DMK  and the AIADMK.

 all that the tgte needs to do is ask obama as to why he is attacking libya. if obama replies that the libyan government is killing its own citizens, then the tgte must ask obama about why rajapakse can do it and why gaddhafi cannot do it.

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