Thursday, March 24, 2011

the educated

the educated people of our country are in extreme distress

1---partha 25 March 2011 07:54:42----The way the political parties of TN are behaving by offering freebies is a real mockery. How can the EC permit such open purchase of the voters ? It is time they step in and ban all these parties. We have enough clowns already . It is time to send all of them totheir due destinations. The way things are going we will be known throughout the world as number ONE  for all wrong things.
What a disgrace.
The entire country is for sale. Any buyers !
The way freebies are being offered, I have a feeling, God will migrate to India, settle down here and stand in the queue !
Mera Bharat Mahan

achintya says 25 March 2011 07:01:29

What a joke. They will spend public money and get kick backs to last for another 50 generations of swindlers.
The public in Tamil Nadu desreve these jokers as leaders. We get the leaders we deserve.
When we stop worshipping them we will throw them out as is happening in the Arab world. ----

rama 125 says -----Save the Election Process in India
Dear Sir,
I am deeply saddened by Freebies offered by the Tamil Nadu politicians in order to gain the poor masses vote. Doesn ' t the poll promises of freebies tantamount to GIVING MONEY FOR VOTE?   isn ' **** Illegal? More than it being illegal, such act will permanently damage the fair election process whi**** the backbone of our democracy.
Also, this is just not a local state issue - it is going to spread to all other states and will also impact the nation during the next Parliament Election. I appeal to the high-office of CEC OF INDIA to intervene and issue an order advising the Parties to withdraw / stop all such  poll promises with immediate effect. If any party or party men make such promises of ****ture payment (freebie) they must be debarred from the election.
Also, India needs some Finacial Control that  monitor how the political parties uses the tax money – they can not give it freely as if it is their pocket money (in fact they use most of that money to fill their pocket).

Save India now else we would turn out to be rogue country very soon.--------

dr gg rajan 25 March 2011 03:42:47
Nut politicians ! The offer of Laptop for all stdents offered by DMK in exchange for vote to DMK, is nothing but open bribing. It is a matter of shame that Election Commissioner is silent on this issue, as this offer clearly violates the code of conduct .Whether it is out of fear or incapability to debar these politicians from contesting is yet to be established. In the last election, DMK bribed the ignorant people of Tamilnadu by offering junk TVs and made a very big publicity in Sun TV , Kalaigner TV etc. They got back the bribe, paid to the poor people  in the form of monthly rentals for cable connection, without which TV is useless. This seems to be in collution with Sun TV / Kalaigner TV and other sponsored cable operators. It is a very nice scene to see the TVs operating in huts and witnessed by starving viewers . How idiotic is the politician is obvious by the offer made by DMK chief.  For every batch of 100 laptops, the minimum cost of laptop with moderately good configuration will be INR 2.5 million @ Rs 25000 / piece. MK's offer of laptop to all students is fraudulent, as he has not mentioned the category of students, eligible for this magnonimous offer of bribe! Taking the total students population of TN at a bare minimum of 1 to 2 million, the cost of his offer works out to  INR 2500 to 5000 crores. If the party has the ****nds to meet this expense, it should be a part of 2G spectram amount or other unaccounted money. This is an excellent case for CBI to investigate. He is so cunning, he may offer re****rbished /outdated / junk laptops packed nicely and may even telecast this in a distribution ceremony.------
Astral energy 25 March 2011 03:06:11
Whatever may be the condition/situation,​ karunanidhi must be stopped this time, otherwise the attrocity will go beyond and out of control. No law and order and we can say that police force is under utilized or misused. If the same situation continues, people cannot walK FREELY ON THE streets. atleast in jaya's ruling in the past, police were getting some basic respect but that is not the case with dmk now. everything is going out of control.  Comparing karunanidhi and jayalalitha, the present situtation needs jayalalitha more than karunanidhi. both are poison only, karunanidhi is snake poison and jayalalitha is scorpion poison. but people should realize that scorpion poison is less dangerous than snake poison and we can always comeout of scorpion byte. SO VOTE FOR JAYA AND STOP INTRUSION OF COBRAS--------------

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