Saturday, March 12, 2011

what is life

in life, the basic thing is taking it as it comes. go out into the world and do your work, when you encounter any problem, you handle it as you see fit.

you keep improving, aspiring, and strengthening. when someone attacks you, you fight, or you allow the person to also settle down. when you fight, you sometimes win, sometimes you lose. 

you strive to broaden your understanding and your methods. you strive to reach unreached areas. people move around, settle down somewhere. then, some others move out. either you settle down in some uninhabited area, or settle down among people.

people always settle down in some area where there is advancement. or, where they have some advancement to offer.

indians go to the united states to settle down. the british came and settled here.

when the movement is due to a possession of an advancement, which is seen giving an upper hand, the settling down is without friction. slowly, the natives also rise to the awareness level of the outsider and then start asking their rights back. the outsider at this point returns, as in the case of the british.

when the movement is due to a need for better prospects, there is either economic migration where the newcomer begins at the bottom of the pyramid, or there is military migration where the newcomer has a chance to gain the position at the top of the pyramid. in both these cases, the newcomer is here to stay, and makes the necessary adaptations. the economic migrant keeps his own culture to himself, whereas the military migrant flaunts it and tries to astound the natives. in both the cases, if there is something interesting and fresh, the natives accept strands of these into their own systems and cultures.

the problem arises when someone wants to evict en masse any group that is considered to be an outsider. this person wanting to evict others might himself have been an outsider at some other point in time.

let us consider the case of the brahmins. they are in all probability economic migrants into the south of our country, and are probably related to the aryan military migration much earlier into the sub-continent itself.

being economic migrants to the south, they did not keep their cultures to themselves, but slowly began to spread it around, by first, popularising it among the elite. there came a point, where they moved to the top of the pyramid, not by toiling among the natives, but by enrolling the elite into their culture.

in maharashtra, gujarat, madhya pradesh, and in Karnataka also, the brahmins have an organisation called the RSS  which tells the people that their culture is the best, is the divine, is the wisest, is the best to gain riches, is the best to gain peace of mind.

in this attempt, they work in dual directions. first, they have to arouse hatred against the latest newcomer, the muslim, as they see him as competition. second, they have to get the oldest people to believe that the culture of the brahmins was there in their lives all along.

but, the older and the oldest people can simply make out that the brahmin is lying. now, the brahmin is trying this game in TamilNadu. he is playing the dual direction game here too. the greatest achievement of the brahmin in TamilNadu, something that would have astounded mother nature itself, is that he makes out those among the old people who state the obvious fact of them not sharing the brahmin culture,  as evil. the brahmin has slowly started believing his own story, and has begun to call those who speak the truth as evil. the truth-speakers are labeled as evil. all this while being an economic migrant in the land. if we let this go on, in a spirit of let the poor fellow have his wish, we are allowing ourselves into the state of falsehood. we are allowing all our prior achievements of thought and work to be ground into the quicksand of fanaticism and foolishness. we are allowing ourselves to be turned into uni-dimensional numbskulls, who will only worship what the brahmin has crafted, only believe what the brahmin has spun, only do what the brahmin allows us to do. in this scenario, it is really easy to realise that if at all there is something evil, then it can only be the brahmin. but, we witness the brahmins, atleast a predominant majority of them, going around telling the opposite day in and day out. when will we ask the brahmin to just keep quiet and continue working, just like the rest do.

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