Saturday, March 12, 2011

if there is one small good in the blow of nature

the people of Japan are resilient, wise, hard working, and we admire them for their land, their culture, and their way of life.

i named myself as samurai after being impacted by the movie the last samurai. japanese filmmakers have inspired our filmmakers. i ve got a friend who visits Japan often, and he tells there is a lot of similarity between Tamil and Japanese. most fundamental of all, we admire the Japanese for their dignity, and their civilisation. they live on a beautiful land, and have an ages-old and most unique civilisation, which is unparalleled in its greatness.

if there is one good that there can be taken in this blow of nature, it is that Japan will probably not be able to go forward with its aid to the murderous blood-thirsty mob that is steering Sri Lanka today.

when we get to know with each passing day, about how the Tamils were left to the mercy of the occupier, who had the backing of every developed economy in the World, our blood boils and our anger seethes. we are left helpless by the ganging up of all the developed countries, with Canada and Australia behaving like blood-thirsty nations themselves.

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