Saturday, March 19, 2011

in the name of hinduism

this website is supposedly about hinduism,

here, they wade into politics, as they do very often or most often.

this is the role of the missionaries of hinduism. along with spreading hinduism, they also engage in politics. such is the greatness of this religion that it needs to get a party defeated for this religion to flourish.

they openly back one political party, the BJP ,in this article. this is the religion of the twenty-first century. here, the missionaries need the rulers to back their religious endeavor. so, they resort to any means at their disposal to get the government to be in their favour. the government must be receptive to their endeavors. this is religion which will lead to god.

in the past, there used to be some such missionaries, who succeeded in their endeavors, to get the rulers to be favorable to them. we have the results in front of our eyes, where we were almost entirely drowned in this alien aryan nonsense, until leaders emerged on the scene who managed to rescue us.

what we have to ponder is why did creation throw up such a being as the hindutva supporter. why did nature create such a wasted being, that has a necessity to machinate and obfuscate all the time. why did nature create such a being, that does not know about decency and wisdom and honour and common sense. what could nature's motives have been in creating such a wasted type of being.

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