Wednesday, March 2, 2011

the Rs 3,000 crore bribe he allegedly took

any money trail of such magnitude obviously cannot be erased or wiped clean. so, probably A Raja will be released after the current period of judicial custody.

this is the evidence that has been shown till now to back the alleged receipt of 3000 crores bribe.

to put this alleged amount in context, Government of Norway controlled Telenor has invested 6200 crores in uninor, and Government of UAE  controlled Etisalat has invested 4300 crore in DB Etisalat.

These two companies are publicly traded companies in major exchanges of the world. these two companies are obviously fully in the public sphere.

as are the tatas in india.

one idiot prashant bhushan is now talking about,"the alleged role of the Tata group in the allocation of land to those connected with Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi, were not being probed."

the other idiot subramanian swamy is telling,"that Etisalat is controlled by ISI (Pakistan Intelligence Agency), Telenor is controlled by the Chinese People''s Army, and they have said that both these companies should not be allowed to increase their activities in India."

such publicity-seeking scum are holding the whole country hostage, and are pretending to be super-men of the nation. it is a wound, a shame and a curse. we are destined to put up with such unmeritorious and unindian and undignified seekers of fame and publicity. a few of our educated folk are led into the folly of thinking that were it not for such scoundrels, we won't move forward as a nation. such a unhuman thinking that is totally contrary to human endeavour and our civilisational dignity is the most painful insult that time could have put us through. we will also endure all of this, as we are not a nation that mocks idiocy and lunacy and obscene pride. we take it in our stride, knowing that time will put sense into all the unhuman pretenders, and seekers of elevation.

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