Saturday, February 26, 2011

there is a people in this world who are the prime example of hubris

we have seen some episodes of revenge and retaliation in our times, of fights over economic turf, in our cities, where people living in tightly packed urban neighbourhoods, have a skirmish, that then turns into brutal violence. the law goes after the person or people who commit the crime, or they themselves surrender, and are then led to a lifetime of going through the events that seized them and altered their lives. fear is a part of the violence, where the opposite side is viewed as also ready to descend into violence. these are aberrations, in our societies, where in the last thousand years, there have been massive influx and outflux of people. newer peoples seize the economic power and the positions of prestige, altering the established social conventions and traditions. the newer people in their need for allies in the new area where they have become established, are prone to dividing the natives, in their quest for allies. all the problems arise because of the abnormality of a newer people gaining power. in such a situation, the natives' normal flow of life is destroyed, and they are confronted with a perennial disruption, and constantly have to strive to to keep the new people and their power at bay. in the process, the native risks losing all his conventions and established practices and has to use violence at times. there are those who do not mingle with the newer people, and there are those who mingle with the newer people.

this is the situation in Tamilnadu and in Tamil Eelam. while in Tamilnadu, the natives are lucky to have retained their natural urges and wisdom, even after nearly 1000 years of vacuum, where newer people, who are more vague about their culture, and who are severely infected with the aryan virus of mantras and unhuman-like thinking, came into our lands, and almost spread the infection here too. now, the peoples who reside in TamilNadu are realising that the Tamil way is the normal and human-like way, and that the aryan way is unhuman-like and repulsively regressive. all the people are hence coming back to their roots, in nature and simplicity, and are shedding their infections and diseases of the mind.

in Tamil Eelam, there is a newcomer which was greedy and criminal enough to believe that it could suppress and destroy the native people and their uncomplicated and pure alliance with nature. the sinhala thought that the grandeur of his religion made him exalted, and arrogance made the sinhala a victim of foolishness. after going through the lesson handed to him by nature, by way of the fightback of the Tamil people, the sinhala is back to where he began, never having learnt anything, and still infected with arrogance and abnormality.

for a person or group to be seized by criminality and addiction to violent enforcement of power is explained by the circumstances and the situations that turned themselves into that. but, for a country and a people to behave the way the sinhalese are doing, or atleast their government is doing, is what is in need of an explanation. why are they like this? the answer is obvious for everyone. the answer is the nation of Tamil Eelam. the sinhalese have to look at how the people of Tamilnadu have absorbed all the influx into their land, and how they have still managed to uphold the human spirit. the sinhala, in contrast, is going into other people's lands, and is also demonstrating arrogance at the same time. this reveals that the sinhala is tormented by questions of his history. the sinhala is paranoid about his outside origin. the sinhala is diseased with fear and hatred. the only remedy for his disease is to give him his borders and soothe him into settling down, as we are all humans, though some have always been in one place, and though others have moved about and roamed about. 

how do we and nature grapple with this idiocy and lunacy now? maybe, there is a challenge in this for ourselves, to use this to fortify our own alliance with nature, and to eliminate all the cobwebs in our minds from the aryan unhuman influence in our land. we have to strive to explain to the sorry aryan beings and their sorrier followers, that no mantra or fancy incantations an rituals are needed, when man uses his ability to think and create. if we at least now do not shut the mouths of those criminal beings who use the Tamil Eelam issue to get a foothold in politics, we stand no chance.

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