Wednesday, March 2, 2011

a raja did not show respect

this is not even qualifying to be a joke, this is pathetic, sordid, and sorry.

the court thought the budget has robbed it of the limelight, hence, it was desperate to get back where it thinks it belongs, in the full glare, in its role of the super-fighter, like robo, sivaji, baasha, indian, etc.

this is what happens when one is in the company of or influenced by scum like prashanth bhushan and subramanian swamy.

the correspondence between the minister and the prime minister is being addressed by the supreme court. the media tells us that the court felt it is a matter of decorum.

we are reduced to a shameless people now, we have been cheated and fooled into this state of no shame and no dignity. when a judge of the supreme court tells the proceedings in a court that there was a lack of decorum in the correspondence between the minister and the prime minister. the entire cabinet is reduced to a shameless bunch. the whole country is shameless. the judge has come riding into town. let us all cower, while the lumpens of our media increase their earnings. are we a democracy, not yet, not yet fully.

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