Wednesday, March 2, 2011


some people are killed by the government in libya, south sudan and kosovo can secede, belgium can debate, the un takes notice.

but as for ceylon, no bother. some say 30,000 people were killed in the last month of the war alone. some tell that there are two nations in the island of ceylon. no bother for the world. so what if one nation is being killed.

just like the americans, who were not satisfied with the nation that was bequeathed to them, the chines too are going out stealing, robbing other people's lands. why? because the chines want money, above honour. so what if they have a huge country, they will still need to rob and steal elsewhere. when one gets rich, does one need to begin to steal.

meanwhile, no body is bothered.
at least now, the backers of tamil eelam should realise, that if they want to take potshots at the DMK, then they can have a satisfactory time. that will be the greatness in their lives, having aimed a few potshots at the DMK. if the backers of tamil eelam cannot even now learn to be united, the very easy route to achieve tamil eelam will be lost. the way was paved by the sacrifices of the eelam army, navy, and air force. now, the transnational government should meet and pledge to work for the country, and whoever makes petty attempts at distracting the focus, must be immediately counseled.

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