Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the humour and the delirious dance of the official and the judge

In the U.S. we see House and Senate hearings call any one that needs to be questioned and needs to be investigated. That is the majesty of democracy.

in India, a bureaucrat cum investigator and a judge of the Supreme Court are discussing the actions and the interactions between ministers. An investigator tells that one minister did not pay heed to concerns raised by the Prime Minister. Then, this investigator and the judge proceed to talk among themselves and nod their concurrence of the contents of a report prepared by another overseeing authority. This illustrates the sheer depth of tragi-comedy that can grip a nation when a scum-duo is allowed to make all manner of loose talk. This loose talk by the scum-duo of prashanth bhushan and subramanian swamy is given a lot of encouragement by the Supreme Court, which is seized of the matter. Why is the Court seized of the matter? Because, it was egged on by reporting in the media. The media is characterless, purposeless, and brainless in our country. Consequently, the very simple issue of revealing to the people that the CAG  is a plain fool or that it consists of plain fools, is not told to the people. Instead, the media join together in a naked dance of sick sensationalism. Watching this, the Supreme Court gets dizzy with the glee of getting to stray into forbidden territory. It gets all worked up with the thrill of occupying the throne. It gets even more delirious when it starts getting the beat of an audience/ a people who are thoroughly stupid. This target audience of educated upper classes is totally in awe and cravenly behoven to the Supreme Court. For this class, the Supreme Court is the modern-day veda, where everything is written for the impaired followers. This craven and unmeritorius human crowd now has the Supreme Court giving it its daily fix, which the media dutifully reports at 9 pm on tv, and in the daily newspapers. This holy and devout crowd are happy with this supreme achievement of humanity as they view it. A supreme authority that dishes out justice, that delivers justice to the interloper politician. The Supreme Court is also now headbanging with all vigour and participation in this naked dance of sensationalism.

Now, when will the rest of us begin to put an end to this party?

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