Thursday, March 24, 2011

a person with jaundiced eyes is given the right to report what he sees

a seshagiri rao from chennai writes to the new indian express,

" with the "free wet-grinder" churning out the ration rice flour turned into steaming idlis and sambar prepared with the PDS dal, every"tamil kudi magan" can enjoy his breakfast, wearing the doled out cotton veshti, watching the "colour tv" while his child is playing with a laptop. he can travel free on any city bus to any destination, go for party rallies and get money for the same. As for economic and infrastructural development-who cares?"

jaundiced is defined as exhibiting or influenced by envy, distaste or hostility.

as rao wrote this letter, he would have probably had a servant or two working in his house, as there are in many of our houses. what do rao or we do to ensure that there are no servants and no masters. a person who is uncomfortable or insecure about the workers getting empowered will not like the people getting the accessories that differentiates the master from the servant.
is rao afraid that he won't have any servants to work for him? or is he afraid that people will just sit at home doing nothing. if rao is imputing that, he is removing the most human of urges in man, which is to engage in productive and creative work, which satisfies his being.

when the most basic issues are addressed, man will have the possibility to give full attention to the endeavor of his preference.

what we have in Tamil Nadu is today is a few educated people getting all strung out about a few gadgets that make life easy being made available to all people in society. the tv, mixie or grinder will be there in every house. that is socialism at its best. this leap into the scenario prevailing in western countries is not being welcomed by these educated ignorant types.

this guy rao is giving a picture that there is not any economic or infrastructure development in Tamilnadu.

are we wrong in thinking of this statement as that of a person who is possibly a joker. the newspaper that gives prominence to the opinion of a joker can be described as a sad joke. which is what the new indian express is.

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