Tuesday, March 29, 2011

more folly


asuri saran says,"Well known Poet Bharathi of TN sang long ago ," Enru Thaniyum Inda Sudandira Dhagam" meaning, when will we quench our thirst by freedom. Had he known that a rogue and a scoundrel like Karunanidhi and his family would rule, he would have sung "enru thirundum,inda Muttal makkal" , meaning 'when this foolish people of Tamil Nadu will change"

homma says,"True, Mr. koothan and Sundaram. because there are millions of idots and fools there are hundreds of people who enjoy  fooling  them!!!. That is Tamil nadu. people there want to live like a dog for 100 days and not like a lion for a day. Oh,Tamils, roar like a lion and not bleat like a grass eating goat. God bless Tamils and their Nadu."

koothan says,"As per rules, a govt. servant can't marry more than once without divorce. But a head of a state, a public servant, can have officially three and unofficially many. no indian has got the guts to question this. all the money earned is known to everyone and got under the nose of the law controlling machinery. This will continue for ever, because 90% of the tamilnadu public are idiots."

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