Tuesday, March 29, 2011

democracy OR degeneration into draconian, dogmatised dictatorship

 there are two newspapers in Tamilnadu, dina malar and dinamani, which are the most peculiar events in the history of our planet. these papers are run by the brahmins, who are a miniscule minority in the state. The brahmins are not viewed as a minority by the denizens of the state who are among the most open-minded peoples on the planet. the flowering of democracy in the state and the awakening of the people from some ritual-based religions peddled by the brahmins has been ongoing for some decades now, with intermittent disruptions in the form of individuals who have some appeal in the form of a one-man/woman central force, which sometimes attracts the people who find democracy to be too broad-based and too amorphous. some people who enjoyed an elevated position in society too are not comfortable with democracy. such  people who are also educated are egged on to become irrational religiosists by the brahmin-run newspapers. these two newspapers are engaged in blowing out-of-proportion any negative event in the day-to-day life of a democracy. at the same time, they give a larger-than-life image to the one-man,one-woman politician in whom they see safety. they do not realise that they are behaving in an inhuman manner in trying to sabotage democracy. they are not reporting on the happenings in the democracy. they are involved in trying to steer democracy towards a situation of their liking. where else in the world can such acts be perpetrated by a minority. in Tamilnadu, we are witness to such folly on a day-to-day basis.

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