Monday, March 7, 2011

dr manmohan singh

if thomas is indicted in the palmolein case, he will step down. a matter as simple as this, is turned into a big issue.

democracy seems to be a method where people at the helm of government will not be given the least respect. in democracy, people at the helm of government are perennially and monstrously wrong, while people in the opposition and people in the media are indubitably pure and perfect all the time.

this is the system called democracy, where the government is lacking credibility, respectability, legality. the government has nothing.

it does not have tells this editorial.

in democracy, the government is made of thieves, criminals, scamsters, frauds, people with no idea of niceties, courtesies, people who are only looking after themselves, people who are interlopers, people with scant regard for law, people who are anti-national traitors. people who are only interested in selling the nation.

in democracy, the opposition and the media are challenged with removing the government, which has no trace or a whit of any kind of good in it.

the opposition will talk all the time, in every forum, in the loudest manner possible. it will rush to speak, and the media will rush to the opposition. they will meet midway, the opposiiton having run severely and short of breath, the media having jumped, over trees, hills, rivers, rocks, streams, with wounded bodies, and torn clothes, and ruffled hair. these two will meet midway, and from there they will combine.

the evil government which was put in position, just so that the media and the opposition, can begin to work, will then be targeted, like the ravana effigy.

this is democracy, which is a festival where the government is pilloried, abused, humiliated, and finally brought down.

in democracy, the government can only have evil intentions. that is the role of the government in democracy.

in democracy, all the evil, misfits, shady, unbecoming, and undeserving elements in society are first allowed to get perched in government.

then, the good forces of the media and the opposition will begin the purge.

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