Tuesday, March 29, 2011

the creation of anti-democratic thinking

in response to this article in ibnlive.com


vnv sreeram asks,"When is he planning to die"

ct2009 tells,"innocent? Really. Gross. Hpe to see the day kanimozhi is hanged in the scam just like A Raja!"

vsumamagesh tells,"He is fooling the people of tamil nadu, even small boy knows the scam, entire country knows about the scam, Media making big mistake taking interviews about this cheap people, As Media person you will not be knowing about the scam and scale and volume of scam. one of the biggest scam in the history of India. If Supreme court not interfered, scam will not known to people, karunadhani, is scientificly robbe the country money."

hariramji1981 tells,"Big Boss - How can you compare DMK with Sankara Mutt. A pontiff appoints his successor to carry on the activities of the Mutt and follow strictly the Pujas/rites that has been laid out. But your successor will work and aid in improvising "lakh crores" scams to "crore crores" scams. Though I personally do not agree to the principles of Anna and Periyar - I respect them in one way - for they never inducted their family into Politics and made the entire family "crorepathis". Please make one of the non family member as a chief minister and Party head - if you still want to use the names of Anna and Periyar without causing disgrace to their names."

all of these people talk about death, hanging,cheap people, and crore crores scams. they are expressing their opinion about the DMK  and the chief minister of the state of TamilNadu. This is not some ultra-rabid fringe loony fascist website. This is also not a website that is far away from the mainstream. This is a channel in the mainstream and some elements of this english-speaking, supposedly educated mainstream are emitting their opinions with regard to impending elections in the state of Tamilnadu.

Why have these people become like this? they are obviously speaking under the influence of 176000 that has been cursed to have been visited on us? maybe, it is not a curse, and maybe, it is actually facilitating such episodes wherein we are able to bring some sense to the misled sections among the english-speaking classes. It also makes us seethe with anger at the foolishness of the CAG.  When the matter is finally resolved, as it soon will, the CAG must be asked to do some community work in atonement for making fools of those of us who are eager to believe that politics is a corrupt activity.

In a democracy, why do all these people become like this? it is because the channels like cnn-ibn, timesnow,ndtv, headlines today, think they would be able to survive only when they emit a missionary zeal. for a missionary zeal, there is a very basic necessity for a wrong-doer, a target. without a target, what does the missionary do, how does he do his work. the bjp has the muslims, the l-e-t has the hindus, george bush has al-qaeda, al qaeda has the west etc...if the people working for the electronic media work for humble salaries, their channels will survive without the need to create targets for their audiences. they can just take a look at the BBC  which provides nourishing, creative, and elevating programmes, which take the viewer to a position where he/she is satisfied with the life on earth. we in india have been cursed to witness pathetic modern-day beggars, sitting in air-conditioned studios, and sporting suits. Arnab Goswami and Rajdeep Sardesai do not know what it is to present the situation as it is for the viewer. They do not know the art of maintaining neutrality. They only know that at 9 pm every night, they need a target that their audience can hate. These modern-day beggars do not apply their mind, do not evaluate and weigh the issues. if they had, at least a few of them, the cag would have been hauled up very much before the supreme court has to do it. the effect of such chasers of the good life are in front of us in the form of the above-said letter writers. 

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