Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chief Justice SH Kapadia

the times of india writes about Justice Kapadia and his booming voice.

the article states further "Many government leaders consider the court now a thorn in their flesh, while to the common man, the judiciary is once again seen as a source of hope — the sole institution that has the gumption to stand up to the high and mighty."

the interpreter of the law who listens to a case and disposes of it according to the law, is the new superstar for our media morons. will these morons dare raise their brave opinion against any wrongdoing of the court. they do not have that kind of calibre. 

we have today a situation, where an interpreter of law is hailed as having delivered a blow to the government. the normal process of governance and interpretation of the law is being hailed as a great force for some kind of redemption. the letters written in response to this article bear testimony to how many misguided and misinformed there are among our english speaking urbanites.

The Hindu calls it a major blow to the centre.

why is an interpretation of the law that felt that strict adherence is paramount, and that judgement of the prime minister is not to be valued, being interpreted as a major blow to the centre. a decision was taken by the prime minister and the home minister. they made the judgement that thomas possessed integrity. they felt that the case dating from 1992 did not reflect on thomas' integrity. that judgement was found by the interpreter of the law, the chief justice, to be not conforming with the strictest sense of interpretation.

why do our media bozos tell it is a blow to the centre. do they inform their readers that thomas, manmohan singh and p chidambaram are hopelessly and massively corrupt, inefficient, undeserving, arrogant, and thieving interlopers. if that is the truth, then it is a blow to the centre. the morons of our media are hopeless, inefficient, undeserving and petty scoundrels. that is the sad state of affairs in our country today.

where an interpreter of the law is being held up to the english-speaking urbanite as the baasha, the sivaji, the robot, the hero, and the saviour.

when will we be delivered from such clownishness.

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