Monday, March 7, 2011

arnab goswami

the numero uno clown of the television news just asked for hasan ali to be questioned live on television. the simpleton thinks we are a nation of jokers. the poor folk who watch this guy are an unlucky group. this is how capitalism works, the seediest bar with the shadiest show attracts the crowd, till the time that something untoward does not occur, the show will go on. but, a joker act bigger than arnab goswami is impossible. i was unlucky to catch the clown while changing channels.


Anonymous said...

interrogation of Raja, Hasan Ali, Radia on live TV sounds good option. We will know immediately, whose money is this. Otherwise, it will stay hidden forever as it had been in last 30 yrs.

Lets find out why these corrupt politicians (rulers & oppositions) are scared of the truth. The link between Ahmed Patel & Hasan Ali need to be investigated.

We are not scared of information leak.

samurai said...

first of all, you have to ask yourself which money you are talking about. then, you have to ask where is that money.

say some money is traced to some account somewhere. that money has to come from somewhere. it cannot be transported by briefcases and suitcases.

if we cannot trust our investigating agencies to map out the trail, then, what is the point in having an investigating agency.

if we feel that we have to take it to live tv, as only then will personalities crack, it means we are not trusting our investigating agencies.

if i or u is asked to go and check out some bank and do some investigation with the backup of our government, we will do it and submit a report. based on that report, the court will decide. this is how democracy works. if there is some loophole, we will tighten it, and move forward.

wanting investigation on live tv is signalling that we want to go the maoist way.