Monday, March 7, 2011

dr manmohan singh

he has not spoken about sri lanka until now. absent his view, pranab mukherjee had acted beyond his potential and below his position, while talking once at the Chennai airport.

two days back also, pranab mukherjee acted beyond his potential and below his position, wile speaking about creating and resolving problems.

the members of the congress from tamilnadu never once spoke against the sri lankan government, but were always speaking in dersision against the backers of tamil eelam there. only P Chidambaram redeemed himself once when he spoke about his thambi pirapaharan. GK Vasan has maintained a diplomatic silence on the issue.

the rest of the members of the congress in Tamil Nadu, acted in a manner, that necessitiates them being cast into the dustbin of history.

where is the forum for discussion of the issues, is there a meeting of the upa constituents, to discuss the issues facing the country.

no. then why do you need the DMK to be a part of the government. the way to build a party is by working and not by jockeying.

the tamil nadu congress does not have any leader who works. none of them deserve to be a minister in any coalition. the deserving leaders are ministers at the centre.

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