Monday, March 7, 2011

dr manmohan singh

in the journey of a country as a democracy, there will be times when there are no larger-than-life leaders. there will be times when there will only be leaders who are only efficient and do not have a big personality to go with. these are the times when the opposition and the media are judged historically, as this is the time when their behaviour is very unbridled.

we have an opposition party, the bjp, which makes the very existence of humans a matter to hang heads in shame. this party wants to always talk, always first to talk, and then, does not want to allow the ruling party to talk. this act has restarted now, after a lull following the 2009 defeat.

the media, in this situation of vacuum of inaction of parliament, has become a b team of the opposition, and instead of going through the issues in detail, has become an amorphous entity which just eggs things on.

both these wings of our democracy have proved themselves to be undeserving. the conclusion is that the classes at the core of these wings today have no merit, and are wasting the prestige conferred on them by the people.the time of the people is wasted.

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