Saturday, March 5, 2011


this newspaper that is published in Tamil Nadu has said that it is a wrong precedent to close a case because the accused could not be produced in court. the paper has asked whether the same could be done in a case of a terrorist who is hiding abroad. the paper also asks that if a murder accused is not traceable, would the case also be closed?

we get a hint of the mind behind such questions, which fly in the face of common sense, and balanced judgement. the fundamental point is missed by such minds who are behind newspapers in our country. the bofors gun was purchased and it is being used by the army. if commissions were paid, and there is a money trail, will it be traceable or not is the question. if money is held in physical form, htere is a chance for it to be hidden and transferred at will. in the case of huge amounts of money, the money heither has to come into the country or leave the country, in electronic form. if that cannot be traced after twenty years, we can be quite clear that only a fool of the sort who writes editorials in this paper called dinamani will tell that it is wrong to close the case. only a fool of this weightage, will then go on to compare this case with a terrorist and a murder accused. in the case of lk advani, who is the terrorist and a murder accused, we can await the opinion of the dinamani fool.

this fool does not end it there, he tells that if there is no evidence, will the cwg issue, the adarsh issue, the 2g issue, and the dewas issue, be closed in the years to come, and whether this is a rehearsal for closure of all these issues in the future.

what did we ever do to have such a fool amongst us. how did we allow ourselves to countenance such an idiot in the position of the editor of a newspaper. if there is no evidence, the law will pronounce accordingly.

this fool who is a matter of shame for all Tamilians, has now begun the retreat to alleging coverup, after selling his paper for these days by pretending that he is a balanced and fair journalist. such an idiot who does not like the working of democracy has been supporting jayalalithaa, subramanian swamy and the hindutva brigade. the final judgement is closing in and nearing pronouncement. if at all there is some good in the so-called hinduism, if at all there is some universality in it, then the present-day brokers of this so-called religion, who instigate hatred and idiocy in the name of this religion, have nothing to do with that good or universality.

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