Thursday, March 3, 2011

a decent statement and an indecent reply has published this article

in response----------arul jyothi writes:

DMK is fullfilled all their Promise like
• Free cycle to students
• Free gas connection
• Free colour TV
• Free medical benefits
• Free concrete houses
• Free electric motor
• Free education till P.G
• Laptops for achievers in 10th and 12th exams
Still TN strong in financially,Kerala Per capita debt was Rs 16,074 as against just Rs 9,692 for Tamil Nadu
DMK created 1 million jobs opportunity in 4 years time. DMK is working to uplift of the
Underprivileged, illiterate, poor and backward people which is real growth for the
STATE also per capita income increased from 39,000 to 69,000 with 4 years time.
ADMK leader can not access easily by investor also public. AMMA always take rest but MK is available 14 hrs at any given day. Why Congress asking more seats from DMK if DMK loss. This survey may be totally worng. DMK allaince(VCK,KMK,PMK) now become very strong in north,WEST,SOUTH----------------------

ashok kumar writes in response.

Arul...u must be a typical brainwashed backward caste guy!!! Even when the whole country is screaming about DMK scams and crimes, you wont see anything!!! The day when backwards like you love yourselves more than you hate brahmins, you will start improving...till then there is no hope!!!

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