Saturday, March 5, 2011


the cbi has now said 40,000 crores was lost and that 3000 crores is the bribe. the CBI is all set to expose itself as a wasted institution if it tries to tell that there is a loss, be it 40,000 crore or any other amount. the CBI  needs a loss to make out a bribe. if there is no loss, will the CBI  be able to make out a bribe. since the CBI is talking about loss, it is becoming obvious that it has no cash trail ,no evidence. it is holding on to the revenue loss, joining the cag in getting laid low by the scum duo, prashanth bhusan and subramanian swamy.

the complex issue of telecom, and the technology behind it, and the complexities behind it, and the bankruptcies in countries of the west, will not be brought out to our people. the cbi has gotten entangled in this farce issue. what we people get is jokers like siddharth varadarajan of the hindu newspaper trying to look clever. the joke is on us, let us realise it. we get our common sense in our regional newspapers. the english-speaking media is a hopeless waste of our time. the middle classes who read this wasted class will end up as one-track zero-dimensional characters, a prime example of which is C Anthony Louis of Mumbai, who writes to the new indian express, "The whole nation has been demanding action against PJ Thomas and KG Balakrishnan, but the duo are nonchalant. Given this, it might perhaps be a good idea to preserve the skin of former central vigilance commissioner PJ Thomas and former Chief Justice of India KG Balakrishnan, after their death, for scientific studies as it appears to be unusually thick."

the letter-writer does not realise that he has been made unusually unproductive by the media that he relies on, which has made him impatient with democracy, and turned him into a egg-throwing moron. who cannot think. cannot judge. cannot wait.

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