Saturday, March 5, 2011


if this party is a real organisation, then it must contest elections on its own, and create leaders who are able to lead people by inspiring them. it currently has evks elangovan who does not know what hard work is. he thinks talking big is the basic duty of a politician. if this party needs a rahul gandhi to go around, and inspiring its cadre, then it is obvious that this party does not have leaders at the ground level. some guy called yuvaraj made a journey, a yatra, but who is he? that is the INC in TamilNadu. contesting 48 in 2006 was the best it could get by sitting on the shoulders of the DMK.  if there is any dignity in this party, it will settle for 48, otherwise, it should try and create leaders, who are as far removed as possible from the likes of evks elangovan.

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