Monday, March 21, 2011


they go about their lives with zero interruption, disturbance or problem.

but, they want to put their nose into politics, in an attempt to have their way of life sanctioned and sanctified as the official way of life in the land.

they talk all the time about spiritualism and purity, but are deeply offended when the people of the land are given jobs according to their numbers. why are such deeply spiritual and pure people offended when the inhabitants of the land are given jobs according to their population.

are the brahmins afraid that the reality of their being a minority is being exposed by such reservations for the denizens. why do they need to be afraid, when they live amongst a civilisation, which is highly receptive to new thoughts, different thoughts, one that gives space for every aspect of religiosity.

why do the brahmins want their way of life to be consecrated as the official religion. why do the brahmins want their way of life to be upheld by some of their own in power. where is the spirituality in the brahmin way of life when they exhibit such extreme attachment for earthly supremacy.

is there any minority anywhere in the world which actively participates in the political process with the sole intention of making its religion into the state-sponsored and state-supported religion.

if the brahmins witnessed some banishment in the past, it was when they acted in a thoroughly repulsive manner, and sought to influence the political processes.

why did nature throw up such a religion as that crafted by the brahmins, that seeks to strike fear into people, with threats of events which might arise if rituals are not conducted. why did nature have to create such a religion, that on the one hand is supposed to be universal, but on the other hand, differentiates people.

why is such a religion existent among us, that seeks to prevent us from thinking and living, from progresing and achieving. from upholding universal values and truths.

the truth is that some universal truths and wisdoms were stolen by the brahmins and brought into their texts. as  the activities of the brahmins like subramanian swamy, cho ramasamy, the editor of dina malar, the editor of dinamani , and those who are active on sites such as these

are totally reprehensible to human striving and dignity. these people want their religion and way of life to get sanctity, and resort to any means possible to prevent the people from getting free of the clutches of superstition and falsehood.

the only answer that arises from these questions to nature, is that the people are faced with the challenge of overcoming the temptation to gaining riches, satisfaction by resorting to rituals that promise gratification of the gods. the challenge for the people is to overcome this temptation and work and think, using whatever nature has bequeathed to them, in the body, mind, physical resources.

as the west has failed in holding on to honest endeavor, it is up to us the tamils, the dravidians to take the torch from the west. the west got too attached to its wealthy way of life, and discarded the canons of hard work, decency, and propriety, and went about attacking those who were arrayed against it.

we the tamils, dravidians, can take things forward, if we are able to overcome the shortcuts dangled to us by the brahmin way of life. we have to overcome the temptation of subscribing to the brahmin way of life, the temptation that allows us to be happy with wealth and prosperity, at the cost of some of our fellow people. the brahmin is just a tool of nature, that is used to present a challenge to the people. once we overcome this challenge, the brahmin will also join us in the endeavor to give supremacy to the dignity of labour, and to the potential of the human body and mind.

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