Monday, March 21, 2011

the coalition

once more, we have an American army spokesperson talking on the developments as they bomb other countries.

while what they do now and what they did in the balkans might be morally right, how can they justify their silence about what happened in Ceylon.

here, they are enforcing a no-fly zone because qadhafi was bombing his own countrymen, as qadhafi fights the rebels who are opposing him.

the west does not want qadhafi to kill his own citizens, those citizens who are opposing him.

in this endeavor, the west itself kills a few citizens, those citizens who are supporting qadhafi.

where was the west, when the forces of mahinda rajapakse were bombing areas under the control of the tamil eelam fighters. were civilians not being killed by artillery fire and by bombing raids of the forces of mahinda rajapakse.

here in Libya, a sudden upsurge of the people is given supreme power and respect, and qadhafi is being told to either give up, or not attack those opposing him.

in Ceylon, an upsuge of the people lasted three decades, before being finally quelled by exactly the bombing and artillery fire that qadhafi was using against benghazi and misrata.

why did not the west act then like it is acting now.

the west is also behaving like rajapakse here, and also like qadhafi, by killing civilians.

this is how the nations of the world are supposed to act when something is not going according to their wishes. they can bomb civilians. rajapakse can do it, qadhafi can do it, and now, the coalition can do it.

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