Tuesday, February 22, 2011

another one bites the dust

one more reputed journalist has fallen victim to the pitfall of the 2g hullabaloo. joining n ram, prabhu chawla, and vir sanghvi is p sainath. all he talks makes sense, even his anger that makes him label the government an integrity-challenged Cuckoo is acceptable. but when he wades and generalises into the 2g spectrum issue, he loses all the reputation for hard-hitting factual journalism that he is renowned for. it is as if n ram had requested him to make a reference to the 2g spectrum, and having given it some thought, p sainath comes up with his take of an auction actually having taken place.


in the process, he reveals that he himself is an integrity-challenged Cuckoo.

he tells,"Having been gifted that scarce public-owned resource by the government, the cronies then auctioned it privately for astronomical sums of money."

he also joins the band of Indian journalists, who generally talk about astronomical sums of money derived by swan telecom and unitech. we have a doubt now, about whether p sainath actually knew as much as we were led to believe he knew, by this folly of a statement. the much-talked about p sainath is also just one another media moron, we are presumed to believe now. where does the astronomical sum of money gained by swan and unitech go? not even sainath wants to venture into this and tell things as he sees it.

how can he do that when he writes for an editor who tells,"no further time should be lost in getting to the bottom of the biggest scam in the history of independent India."


this guy who writes editorials at the Hindu is so fixated on this being the biggest scam in history that he makes a song and dance about it at every opportunity. the supposedly-left leaning person will next tell that the entire telecom sector is made of scamsters. the whole thing is in fact the biggest wild goose chase in the history of the world, not only in the history of independent India. not one media house has had the ability to delve into the issues with a honest approach. all of them wanted to grab the issue on a daily basis, and wanted to utilize it in some petty manner. if the highlight of this whole sordid media spectacle is the hindu calling it the biggest scam in independent India, then p sainath has gone past that with his wisecrack about astronomical sums of money, which makes him just perfect for the description of integrity-challenged Cuckoo.

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