Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Singh is King

Dr Manmohan Singh has made it clear and obvious that he will be the prime minister for the next term also, till 2019. a prime minister of his reputation can never have been gifted to any other country. at the time when we are making a bit of a revolution, Dr Singh is the most ideal person for prime minister, that destiny has brought to the forefront. he has been through every situation that an economy can go through, in every role.

while the press conference was excellent and the most clarity infused interaction that any prime minister can have made, he has to learn to understand that in a democracy, you have to interact. and he has to interact with the parties who make up the government. he has to address their concerns. then he will be even more strong than he is today. that is the sphere that he has to begin paying attention now. the sri lankan situation requires his continuous attention, and it is his latest challenge.

if there is any person in the INC who does not pay him respect, which is tough to imagine, as was asked by the sad prannoy roy, who thinks asking whether the prime minister thought of resigning is a smart question, they better realise that Manmohan Singh is here to stay. the sad prannoy roy has lost it, and he had to finally shout like a simpleton, and joined his fellow simpletons, rajdeep sardesai and the utterly shameless arnab goswami.

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