Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Manmohan Singh

The prime minister told the nation that there was no problem with the first come first served policy, as that was the way forward as proposed by the trai, telecom commission, and the telecom minister. which media companies have given the importance to this statement.

only a fool of enormous and unimaginable magnitude would tell that there is a loss, because 2g spectrum was not auctioned. it was not proposed to be auctioned, it could not have been auctioned, and it was not practicable to fleece new operators, when existing operators had not paid for the spectrum.

the cag has revealed that it strayed into policy matter and that too with fanciful approach. the people are taken for a ride.

the shameless character who writes editorials at the hindu tells this about the prime minister;s press meet,"He had no strong and clear message to communicate on any of the critical issues troubling the people of India — corruption, inflation, livelihood and other economic issues — and therefore failed to persuade."

it is left to us the public to inform this shameless character that the prime minister clarified everything that was an issue.

the prime minister said inflation should be controlled but growth should not be affected.
the prime minister said pds prices have not been raised from 2002.
the prime minister said the mgnrega wages would be adjusted to inflation.
the prime minister said corporate debt availability must be brought into being.
the prime minister said terrorism has been kept away.
the prime minister said there is no loss when you give licenses, bundled with spectrum.
the prime minister said A Raja was in consultation with the PM and the FM.

all this does not make meaning to the shameless person that wrote this article. the shameless person who said the 2g allocation was the biggest corruption scandal.

The editorial tells,"Dr. Singh's defence is four-legged: (a) Mr. Raja, the Telecom Ministry, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, the Telecom Commission, and eventually even the Finance Ministry were of “the same view,” namely that “auctions ...[were] not the way forward as far as 2G spectrum ... [was] concerned”; (b) “at that moment, there was no reason to feel that anything wrong had been done”; (c) was the presumptive loss a real ‘loss'? and (d) in any case, coalition compulsions made his party accept its ally's choice of Cabinet Ministers and presumably their ways."

all these media guys are confident that having fed the people with scam,scam,and scam, there is no need for them to introspect...they will now move to coverup,coverup,coverup.....why do people have to exist like this.

like the shameless arnab goswami, who when given a chance to ask a question to the prime minister, tells the prime minister that coalition is not an excuse for corruption. such a shameless character is existent among us today, because he has found the good life by peddling and producing entertainment to the public. such a character which does not know what dignity is a shame for the people of India. taking cue, the other two prannoy roy and rajdeep sardesai started shouting their questions. these are people who do not know what democracy is. did any of the rest behave like these three, who possibly have the least viewership among all of the rest present at the press meet. that is the exact reason for such behaviour, which is also mirrored by the hindu. these characters are afraid of losing business, and hence have decided to be selective in their presentation to the people.

that a few companies had their dds ready is the whole scam in this issue, that has been wrecking our country's time for quite some time, and that has been giving airtime to characters that do not have any merit. only integrity and honesty will win, no amount of machination will retrieve lost business.

headlines today channel tells "noose tightens around raja" in its headline today. why? the channel tells his custody is ending it puts this headline...

if there is a money trail, it cannot be erased, and if there was some excess stakeholding by reliance, it is a record for anyone to see. A Raja has been interogated for fifteen days to satisfy the people, who were misled by the media and the opposition. if he is discharged with a clean chit, and we witness shouts of coverup, we know that some people have been cursed to beg in life, and live on the crumbs of the political processes.

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