Thursday, February 17, 2011

manufactured products

r shanmugham of chennai writes to the hindu," the 2g spectrum sale benefited a few who had the money and influence to swing the deal in their favour."

Hameed yousuf of bangalore writes,"the beneficiaries of scams like 2g are those who have a huge amount of money in their bank accounts."

s krishnan of chennai writes," the spectrum sale benefited people who are already rich."

kaushik verma of jaipur writes," the losses in the 2g scam have benefited the richest strata of society."

mpr panicker of north parur writes to the new indian express," the money earned by the 2g beneficiaries goes to line the pockets of industrial groups, intermediaries and other profiteers."

all these people are prime examples of manufactured products of the media. all these people seem to think that 2g licenses must have been given to some suitably unmoneyed person. doing business is a ungodly endeavour for all of the above media manufactured products, because it will make people rich, and  rich people must not be given 2g licenses. why have such people totally lost it, lost what the prime minister explained, what the facts are? it is because there are media paragons who do not have it in them to state facts or argue the logic. these media paragons have revealed themselves to be ill at ease with the need of the times. they go about manufacturing and grooming and fashioning the people into one track sters who cannot think in a different way, than what these paragons dish out. the majority of the people remain out of the clutches of such paragons and their publications, and henece the damage is minimal. the damage is essentially to those who are unlucky enought to be exposed to just these unmeritorious publications.

prabhu chawla writes the editorial in the new indian express, which has been rid of an idiot, if ever there was one, recently.

the editorial tells, "Manmoha Singh drew a bizarre parallel between the revenue allegedly foregone by allocating the spectrum without auction and the subsidies on food for the poor, fertiliser for the farmer and on kerosene, te energy source in low income homes. it is puzzling, if not dubious, that it never occurred to the economics tripos from St John's in Cambridge that the socalled subsidy on wireless frequencies had actually jingled into some of the deepest pockets at home and abroad, of oil sheikhs and builder barons. he says he's dead serious to bring the wrongdoers to books, but to the silent majority that voted the coalition to power just 21 months ago,it rings like a cruel joke."

we are constrained to state that prabhu chawla is also an idiot, like his predecessor, maybe a few degrees less.  how does the subsidy jingle into some of the deepest pockets, things are descending rapidly into sheer lunacy. we realise that every single of these media editors is just a wholly undeserving and sick joke on those who read them. this idiot suggests that an oil sheikh should not be a part of the telecom revolution in our country, an oil sheikh should not have a stake in a telecom company because he is an oil sheikh. if being an oil sheikh is something wrong and disqualifies a company run by an oil sheikh from participating in telecom, then this fool chawla must stop using petrol, because it seems to be unedifying to be making money from selling petro. the fool chawla must stop buying petrol also. how does money jingle into a builder baron. is a builder baron disqualified from applying for a telecom license.

why are such idiots existent. is it because they think their readers have a need to be made fun of.
this is the company which the idiot chawla labels as oil sheikh

this fool also thinks that in a coalition, the prime minister will choose from among the coalition party MPs. we have thought that the prime minister is the first among equals, but the fool forgets the concept of equals.this idiot tells in his editorial that if the prime minister goes by what the leader of the coalition partner suggests, then it is perverse. what is perverse is an idiot like chawla misrepresenting the facts of spectrum allocation to his readers. this idiot does not have the calibre to tell his readers that when you have not fixed a price to 2g spectrum, only a prime idiot like prabhu chawla can suggest a revenue loss.

it is no wonder that we have maoists in our country. such perverse idiots who send the people into a crazed tizzy can never ever make a positive contribution to the country. these are just self serving sick jokes.

the situation is topped and finessed by judges of the supreme court who like to think they are superstars, who like to hand over headlines on a daily basis to the self serving idiots of the media. the court's observation is the headline...the judges like their role of final arbiters, forgetting the need for sobriety and dignity. the corrective to this self serving and straying people must be applied by us immediately...otherwise, only the maoists will be able to do the job.

do we need a great and working country, or do we need the prabhu chawlas and the arnab goswamis to be earning a good salary.

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