Wednesday, February 2, 2011

a raja

The Hindu writes in its editorial that Dr. Singh was fully in the picture when the then Telecommunications Minister decided not to go for auction of a highly valued scarce resource and do all that happened under cover of the ‘first-come, first-served' policy.

The Hindu therefore tells that spectrum must have been auctioned. if that is not a half-baked pronouncement, then there can never be any half-baked pronouncement anymore. this is the editorial of the reputed newspaper.

next, the editorial tells a proper investigation must identify the many beneficiaries in independent India's biggest corruption scandal and bring them to justice.

hence, the Hindu describes this as the biggest corruption scandal. the stupid simpleton who wrote this editorial must be referring to 57000-176000. it is obvious to any body with common sense that only a plain dumb person can talk about a loss for 2g based on what the 3g auction got the government. that is the most fundamental point, among many more, against the premise of 57,000-176,000. even though, the telecom minister tells that there is no loss, his opinion does not matter a whit for the person writing the editorial.

Rasheeda Bhagat writing in the business line tells "Mr Raja stands accused of causing the public exchequer a perceived loss of Rs 1.76 lakh crore by resorting to allocation rather than auction of 2G spectrum." she goes on to say this about the DMK,"Along with the 2G scam and other corruption charges against the ruling dispensation, let's not forget the pendulum factor in Tamil Nadu politics."

This writer also talks about raja standing accused of 1.76 lakh crore.

she reinforces the point that a body like the CAG and a debate on the issues raised by it, is  not feasible,possible and workable, when stupidity and idiocy reigns in the land.

we can take a look at the opposition.

The Communist Party of India-Marxist CPI (M) leader, Mr Sitaram Yetchury, said that if the new Communication Minister, Mr Kapil Sibal, was right when he said there was no problem in the allocation of 2G spectrum, then why did the CBI arrest Raja. if he cannot understand that the case is being investigated for procedural lapse and alleged favouritism, he too reveals that he does not have the required calibre for public life. subramanian swamy obviously cannot but welcome the arrest, as that is what he was asking.
why do not the bjp and the aiadmk welcome the arrest? they say it is too little too late.

the opposition and the media in our country believe that truth and honour have nothing to do with the pursuit of a livelihood.

the case seems to be about a few companies who were informed in advance about the date for application submission being advanced? instead of going into the details of this episode that is under investigation, the media circus is all about the 57,000-176,000 broth of the wholly inept CAG.

this is not a case of any ordinary process for application to get a license. this is a new area where every business house wants to have a hand. and not one of them is an expert or has prior know-how in the area. the jostling for a piece of the action would have been extremely intense. the pressures faced by the minister of a billion people, who needs to speed up the reachout of the technology, while also ensuring that there is no cartel, is the crux of the issue.

the minister, if he does not hail from the people, would not have focused on the people. this minister got the ball rolling, with a bit of straying from strict procedure. he is answerable for it and is answering it. why was he needed to be arrested? that, the CBI  will have to state. in the meanwhile, the hindu newspaper, the bjp, the aiadmk and the left, talk about the biggest corruption scandal in the country. it is a sad and sorry picture playing itself out for us. the calibre and the credentials of these groups and entities is being revealed to us, for which we owe a raja.

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