Monday, February 7, 2011

the liars

each and every television channel is made up of people, who are plain liars. be it rajdeep sardesai's channel or arnab goswami's channel or prannoy roy's channel or the third-rate channel called headlines today. the role of the media is to give the viewers an informed opinion. these television channels give 10% of the information, packaged as if that is in itself the whole. every single day in the lives of the people who work at these channels is made up of picking something that will grab the attention of the viewer. such a state of existence is the most undignified and cancerous state that a human can ever be cursed to go through. the fundamental question is how can people live like this. how can a person live a life of falsehood, knowing that he/she is parasite unlike anything else in this world. how do they go through the day, reconciling their souls with the falsehood that is at the core of their lives.

we can only imagine that they have some kind of a feeling that what they are doing will be of some value at the end of the day. if giving a one-sided view and a slanted and skewed picture to the innocent viewer is the way to take a democracy forward, then there is no hope at all for us. those who watch these channels are in search of entertainment with a real-time element. these channels are the seedy bars, the adult movie theatres of our times. they provide entertainment and titillation for the weary. that is all that we can say about our television channels, who have spent about four or five months covering the spectrum issue, with not one of them having the basic reasoning to have joined issue with the cag, or to have shown a light on the cag report of the beginning of the decade. they will just go on entertaining, with whatever comes their war daily. at nine in the evening, when the dark floors of the bars and the theatres are filled with people, the entertainer has to provide a spectacle to hold the audience. the pressure is on the entertainers, and they will come come up with anything. they are desperate. they have no idea that even if they adopt a sense of decency and dignity, the people will still turn up. but, they won't be turning the people into connoisseurs of sleaze.

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