Wednesday, February 2, 2011

a raja

the arrest of the ex-telecom minister is being described on television by a deflated bjp as not enough. there is talk of too little too late also. why is there such a response? the political joker cho ramasamy was also on tv telling that the aiadmk can replace the dmk as the alliance partner of the congress. the joker admitted that he did not expect the arrest. there is also some response along the lines of why he was not arrested earlier. an anchor on headlines today tell that only 9000 crores was received by the government when it should have actually been 176,000 crores. the media circus rolls on, now all of them tell we broke the story first, that is, each is claiming that it released some news about the cag report before the other. so, there are some in the media who want to tell their viewers that the arrest confirms the loss of 176,000 crores. such characters cannot be retrieved. the law will take its course. if there is any procedural lapse or favouritism, that will be and is being investigated.

the presence of constitutional institutions like the cag serve no purpose when there is an opposition party which is out to misrepresent and take things out of context. some people will be sinking deeper into the fallacy that 176,000 crores was misappropriated. one can only feel aggrieved when we get to watch such people who have been led to folly by the opposition and the media. for such types, who are convinced that the democractic government is looting the exchequer, nothing ever will suffice. the bharatiya joker party is catering to this very crowd, that it has created, groomed and nourished, when it tells not enough and too little too late.

as for the media, we can see here how the same news is headlined in the hindu and its other publication business line.

while there is no necessity for the same headline to appear in both the papers, the headline in the hindu reveals the need for sustaining readers and audiences. when the target audience is convinced that massive corruption has taken place, even a reputed newspaper like the hindu has to indulge its audience in its convictions, fleeting or fixed. the hindu can go against the indulgences of its target audience, only at the risk of being labeled as pro-government. what is the background for such an impression being fed to the people, it is the acts of the subramanian swamys and the cho ramaswamys of our times. while we go through everything in deference to the due process and respect of the canons of propriety and morality, this crowd acts in an attempt to further its hold on society, which is on the verge of being shed for good.

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