Wednesday, February 9, 2011

one more simpleton

for the writer of this article, Rupees 1537 crore is paltry.

paltry means insignificant, meagre, worthless or petty.

we have developed so much that 340 million dollars is paltry in the considered view of a  journalist in our country.

the article tells," On Wednesday, Balwa, who was arrested last evening from his Bandra residence, was produced before Special CBI Judge S C Chandak. His counsel contended that the company of his client was being singled out and he was being made “scapegoat” despite the involvement of more firms in the case.The CBI countered it by saying Balwa sold the licence to UAE-based Etisalat, allegedly for as high as Rs 4,200 crore while he got it for a paltry Rs 1,537 crore.

the writer manan kumar has introduced the terminologies of "sold the license" and "paltry".

the writer has and feels there is no reason to explain the selling of the license. did balwa invest 1,537 crores, get the license, then make a more than 100 percent profit, and scoot away, never to be seen again.

the hindu quotes the cbi as telling that the licenses were issued at a very nominal rate, based on the prices fixed in 2001, and that too without competitive bidding.

the above statement, attributed by the hindu to the cbi, is a joke. as anyone can understand. anyone who has not been turned into an idiot by the simpletons of our media.

the hindu tells swan made a killing by selling 45 percent of its shares to the uae-based firm etisalat for nearly rs 4200 crore soon after getting the spectrum.

killing means A sudden large profit. was it a profit that db realty and unitech made, or did they get investors.

while the hindu gets the disposal of 45 percent right,it uses the word killing. the writer vinay kumar has or feels there is no need to explain to his readers a little more about the sale. if he sold it, where has shahid balwa kept the cash, where has he invested it etc..

that we have simpletons in our media who waste our time is becoming a sorry reality. the people can only go through this dance of half-baked idiocy, and then the people will be told that the politicians hushed the issue up. already, we have had the media talk about raja's arrest being a case of too little too late or a planned charade.

the economic times quotes the CBI," It said the licenses were issued at a very nominal rate based on prices fixed in the year 2001." it does not add the line of the hindu," and that too without competitive bidding." 

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