Thursday, February 10, 2011

after all the commotion and tamasha

what we have at hand seems to be that a couple of companies had their demand drafts ready. this is the crux of the 2g issue that the court will decide on.

if im running a business, and i have resources ready, and i anticipate that licenses will be granted, licenses that are extremely contested and sought after, i will be a smart businessman if i have the demand draft ready, and not go running about for it in the aftermath of the announcement by the ministry.

if im an entrepreneur with big ambitions, i will be looking to get the licenses and then get foreign investors who have the technology and the required cash resources.  if i clinch such a deal, i will be a successful businessman and entrepreneur.

if im an entrepreneur in a sector like telecom, i will also be seeking to network in the corridors of power. that is how the world has operated, will operate and will be run.

if the person in power gives any businessman undue advantage, putting the rest at a disadvantage, then there is a case. there will also be a case if the person granted the license is acting in detriment to the public.

the people of India have been fooled and taken for a ride by publicity seeking wastrels like subramanian swamy and prashant bhushan. and the cag's monumental blunder of straying into the new economy of telecom with a 1950s approach of revenues foregone.

the fact of the matter is that there was no determination of the market price for spectrum, before it was given to telecom companies to provide 2g services. there is no question of 2001 prices or 2008 prices. if at all a market price is being sought to be evaluated, it is being done now.

the emphasis of A Raja as the telecom minister was to ensure a wide spectrum of service providers who would not be able to monopolise the sector. A Raja has achieved it with the highest degree of success, benefiting the common man.  

the entire media in our country has revealed itself to be a bunch of simpletons, who are desperate for survival, and who have no idea of the need for balance in projecting the news to the people.

Not one media company, electronic or print, has given the people the comprehensive picture of telecom, about what happened in 1999, 2001 and the years leading up to 2008. how could this be possible, we can wonder. did not one media company in our country realise the need to give the people the comprehensive picture of telecom. if at all any company has done it, they are the success story of the future and offer hope for our country. the rest are useless seekers of sensation.

they all seemed to be convinced that A Raja was corrupt. they could not provide an evaluation of the services that he ensured for the people. they will misrepresent, pick up something here, something there, something today, something tomorrow, and go hammer and tongs on it. not one of them has tried to explain the concept of investors and technology. the public was told that someone who was unqualified was given something which he then sold for a profit. what is the methodology of business, no one cares. into this cacophony, enter the supreme court. and like manish tewari said, the running commentary continues, with the supreme court relishing the publicity in a pathetic reflection of itself.

this is not the way to take a democracy forward, by crazed lumpens and fringe elements like subramanian swamy pretending that they are acting to reform the process. we need the mainstream to discuss issues in an atmosphere of common sense. instead of that happening in parliament, we have the hindutva peddlers and their collaborators like subramanian swamy, seeking to destabilise the whole democratic setup. throw in the undeserving and undistinguished media of our country, and we have active mindless destabilisation. the hindutva peddlers are revealing to the country the sheer nature at the heart of the so-called hinduism that has nothing to do with dignity and decency, nothing to do with the nature of our people. the pretenders have distracted us way too much, they need to be shown the door with finality.

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