Friday, February 18, 2011

india today

where can anyone come across something like this. when someone is coming over to be investigated, the investigators will take as much time as is necessary to complete the enquiry. here, the person coming to be subjected to enquiry is telling the investigators that they should keep a whole day free.

this finest investigative writer of the magazinw writes that the newly-minted swan telecom bought a spectrum license in 13 circles for a little over rs 1,500 crore and subsequently sold it to the dubai-based etisalat for rs 4,200 crore.

in a different part of the article, the finest investigative writer reveals that by sold it, he means sold 44.73 per cent to etisalat mauritius for rs 3,217 crore.

the finest investigative writer has no means or brains to further explain to his readers what the money is meant for, will it be taken out by shahid balwa to stash it at his house?

shahid balwa must obviously own more than 50 percent of the company after selling the stake. now, how does the company begin operations, since shahid balwa has taken the money home. the telecom company will utilize air to transmit the conversations of customers. customers will have to buy the simcards, following which the company will transmit conversations through the air. the company does not need to do anything will sit back and keep collecting the money, which people will keep paying, for the duration that the company has the license for the air, through which conversations are transmitted. this is the loot. shahid balwa and etisalat will relax at home, while the money keeps pouring in.

following this finest investigative writer's article, follows an article which can forever retain top spot in history, as the foolish article, written by 'what else can we do but certify' the most illustrious fool yet, going by the name of sandeep bamzai.

these guys just don't have it, just don't get it. how can such a simpleton have the title of senior editor. that is the title of sandeep bamzai. it is excruciatingly obvious that there is a wholly unmeritorious crowd at the helm of our supposedly renowned newspapers and magazines. as we get a handle on this crowd, we realise that there is an awesome sham of a pretence going on out there. if this is how aroon purie has found a seat at a press conference held by the prime minister, then we are being counted as a sick country.

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