Monday, February 14, 2011

central bureau of investigation

the central agency seems to have become the latest to have lost its balance due to the actions of  the wastrel duo prashanth bhushan and subramanian swamy. it keeps extending the custody of A Raja. if there is a money trail, it is an open and shut matter. the loot as alleged by the idiots of the land, including the supreme idiot arun shourie, can obviously be traced by the premier investigative agency of the country, the central bureau of investigation. if money to the extent of 3000 crores, which we have to remind ourselves is 700 million dollars, has been paid as bribe, the agency is extremely inept if it cannot track the trail of such a huge amount. whoever was in charge of making that statement to the court was either hard on the trail of that amount, or was just desperate to get the court's nod for extension. if 3000 crores was the bribe, it cannot be wished away or spirited away. maybe, the cbi thinks it is in the form of hard cash, and that is what the cbi is trying to find out from raja, as to where the money has been kept. the joke keeps getting bigger on us, the nation of people with common sense, who have been derailed by the cag, the bjp, the aiadmk and the media. the cbi was given a free hand, and it probably decided that it would also enjoy the warmth of the spotlight, just like the supreme court has been doing. one only hopes that the supreme court also does not become a victim of the wastrel duo, prashanth bhushan and subramanian swamy. but it has already gotten entangled in the web of the wastrel duo, by emitting all kinds of bravado and super-star like statements. the hopeless media, and the spineless and worthless opposition, of our country, have turned the cbi into a joke, and very soon, the supreme court is in line to be reduced to a farce. parliament has been wrecked, and the ruling party had no alternative but to allow the wastrels and the hopeless to stew in their own broth. all the institutions are doing their job, but they got caught up in the brouhaha created by the simpletons of the electronic media. from 176000 to today has seen the people turned into fools. we have to admire the DMK and the INC for keeping their composure in the face of such gross and unbearable folly. the political space and the governmental sphere were encroached by a duo of uselessness, the magnitude of which has probably never been witnessed in the history of the land. soon, the supreme court will probably tell, why did you not auction? that is the only question that it can ask, after pronouncing that the whole world is a scam. Then, the final word in this sorry and sordid spectacle will be said by A Raja, he will conclude, I was the minister, and i was acting according to the TRAI recommendations, i took the decisions as the minister. the matter will end there.

the times now channel tells at this moment that the two spectrum scamsters were produced in the patiala court, and that the cbi is widening its net to include unitech. whoever allowed these kids to talk like this, their management, and their owners, are a shame to journalism. this is not journalism. this is the existence of a crowd that has no place in the public sphere.

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