Friday, February 18, 2011

is Siddharth Varadarajan also a fool

in the globalized world, where all of us are interlinked with the world economy, we have the weird, bizarre and dubious spectacle of a journalist siddharth varadarajan, who writes with absolutely no sense of what happened in the world with respect of telecom auctions. this guy has the loftiness to label as foolish, the statement by the telecom minister and the prime minister that there was zero loss.

he tells that "the prime minister is peddling the fiction that companies like swan or unitech did not resell their spectrum but only expanded their equity base, when the sale of equity for a company which has no assets other than spectrum amounts to the same thing."

while we can commend siddharth varadarajan for finally some journalist taking up the details of this matter, he is again guilty of informing in instalments.

call it crony capitalism or capitalism. it is a business enterprise. all the government is interested in is widening the base of service providers. the government is aware of the complexity, and that telecom companies need enormous amounts to function, to make a profit, and to continue to make a profit. at present, this award-winning journalist is happy to give his readers an instalment of his wisdom.

indian democracy will continue to be corroded and eroded, exactly due to this crony journalism, where people are led into a direction by the writer presenting the facts, as he prefers, clouded, shrouded, half chewed out, quarter obfuscated, all while acting to be supremely good and pious and meritorious.

if there is a crony capitalist, then siddharth varadarajan is a crony journalist, who has assumed enought loftiness to label the government with terms like foolish and peddling fiction.

if this crony journalist has even 10 percent of the talent which we might mistakenly attribute to him, then he has to at least give a hint of how telecom auctions and their aftermath have panned out in the predecessor economies of the world.

we have to also add him to the list of illustrious fools of our country, who can summon righteousness , but never common sense and the ability to speak it as it is.

these crony journalists like siddharth varadarajan should realise that it is still not too late to realise hteir folly of acting smart and great.

as far as the congress is concerned, it should realise that there is no alternative to enrolling the real people in the country into the party. the real people vote for the only party that they know has a pan indian presence and that has the spirit of the people in its core being. but, they have to be reached out to in terms of the political developments. otherwise the crony politicians of the bjp and the crony journalists like sidharth varadarajan will twist everything with their instalment information.

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