Sunday, February 13, 2011

the new indian express

one can get an idea about the readers of the new indian express by taking a look at a couple of letters to the editor.

a guy called krishnan tells, "A few crumbs like sari/veshti, color TV, DA hike, pension increases, bicycles etc. will do the trick - not to forget free liquor to all the volunteers."

Neelu also talks about crumbs,"The Bigger Tragedy is both parties (she means DMK and INC)are so confident that the TN electorate would succumb and re-elect them,maybe with a bigger majority,by throwing a few crumbs from the loot of the nation,as successful partners in the loot! Jai Hind,Vande Maataram."

kalaignar spoke about how mahabali was killed. the article writer called gnani has enormous problems in life.

he is a character who is a direct product of a fanciful and frozen concept of life, where one's failures and frustrations in life are ascribed to the suffering of the good, while all others who are successful are deemed to be evil. such a thinking arises when one has no roots, either due to destiny, or either due to one's own choice or due to wrong company. when it is due to destiny, we are constrained to point out that a few among the brahmins are ill at ease with being just a part of the people. they have not come to terms with the fact that they have been found to be ordinary, just like everyone else, nothing above, nothing below. all their texts have been found to be shallow and farcical and totally contrary to human productivity and aspiration. they continue to believe that they are special. their lives are ruined and laid waste by a few of their leaders like cho ramasamy, subramanian swamy and here, this gnani. they are led into antagonizing the rest of the people with their adamance about their divine origins and their special elevation over the rest of the people. when faced with the reality of life, where they have to struggle and work, just like the rest of the people, they adopt an attitude of piety, and wallow in the belief that they are the good while the rest are evil. this is the one who has been forsaken by destiny to have leaders like ramasamy and swamy.

as for those who have this thinking due to their own choice, the reason is due to their subscription and total subservience to  the total sham of a religion that the so-called hinduism is. these people are enslaved by the mantras and the rituals of this so-called religion, they think that every good and bad in life is a result of mantras and rituals. the onlooker is short of breath and totally aggrieved, when one looks at such a waste of time and a waste of the potential of the human existence. what can we do to get these people out of the clutches of the magic of a so-called religion. we can only soldier on and hope that they are freed.

the third variety are those who have to be in the company of the section of the brahmins, who think ramasamy and swamy are leading them in the fight against evil. these people will be unable to argue with such wastrels, but have to bite their lips and go through the cruelty of nature, of having put them together with such brutal idiocy.

yesterday's new indian express wrote about a letter written by ratan tata to Kalaignar.

the letter and the express article about it are carried by this blog.

in today's new indian express, we have letters to the editor on this article, which are not carried in the online version.

pp sivamani from chennai writes," the letter written by by tata to chief minister M Karunanithi is the ebb of bootlicking. it is truly a disgusting letter. ratan tata has brought discredit, disrespect, and degradation to the values of the tatas, which is a great enterprise established by Jamshedji Tata. In the process, ratan has given new definition to equity, vision and leadership."

earlier, the term bootlicking was spotted in hindutva blogs like this one.

now, the new indian express has brought the terminology to the mainstream. kudos to the new editor. what can we expect from a group, whose tamil publication is under the grip of a destiny-affected individual.

another guy e krishnan from palakkad writes, "corporate ethics and the so called corporate social responsibility are mere farce. the content of the letter once again establishes the growing nexus between corporates and politicians in the administration as well as policy decisions."

are such derailed and holier-than-thou characters, a result of newspapers like the new indian express, or is the new indian express catering to such destiny-affected individuals. the latter seems to be possible.

what can we tell such readers of the new indian express.

go out and work under the sun. the whole world is ours. we have been given brains to think.let us revel in the great prize of such a capacity. which is not gifted to the birds and the animals. let us not become like the birds and animals, and revert backwards, by not using our god-given ability to think. let us understand that some people in the past created some mantras and rituals, either to cheat the rest who toil under the sun,  or in an attempt to make sense of the reality. either way, those texts reveal a nature that did not want to work, and that was feeling inferior to the established civilisations that it encountered. all said and done, there is no need, indeed, there is no possible reason, to be clinging to such texts and repelling all the others who work and reap the fruits of their toil, who have no pretense. who are in awe and are a part of the splendour of nature. do not wreck life with your folly.

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